Happy Things (Part 1)

I can’t fail to notice on Facebook that a lot of my Friends are doing the #100HappyDays challenge. ‘How lovely,’ I think as my Newsfeed scrolls through photos of cake and handstands and grinning children. But could I be happy for 100 days straight? My family would certainly be suspicious.

But there are certainly things that make me happy. That make my heart sing. So I bring you my first 50 Happy Things. 100 all at the same time seemed like a lot. And as everyone older than 7 will have learnt to their cost, too much of a good thing can make you feel ill. You can have my second 50 tomorrow.

By the way, they’re not in any sort of order. Ranking happiness seemed harsh. Whose to say kittens aren’t as great a thing as chocolate brownies? Besides which, whatever has caused that particular moment of utter joy will always take the #1 spot in that moment. You don’t want to be enjoying something blissful but comparing it unfavourably with something that happened to you years ago.

20140322-133747.jpgPure joy on the spinning teacups at DisneyWorld.

Happy Things. Part 1.

1) My children’s laughter.
Toddlers especially know how to laugh with utter joy. Whatever happens to that?

2) Infinity pools.

3) Disneyland
Boo’s reaction to meeting Snow White was priceless. And the spinning teacups, every time.

4) The view overlooking Central Park from the 42nd floor of The Four Seasons Hotel.

5) Marshmallow-soft duvets and freshly washed sheets.

6) My wedding day
(apart from the first dance, which was awful).


7) Dancing
From ballerina dreams as a child to my Monday night jazz class, I’ve always loved to dance. I miss ballroom dancing so much. You can’t beat floating round the floor to a Viennese Waltz or getting fierce with a Tango. The only man I get to dance with now though is Noodles. But even that is pretty joyous.

8) Glitter and sequins.

9) Strictly Come Dancing.
Considering #7 and #8, how could I not find utter bliss is this?

10) Christmas.
From the planning to the last-minute shopping. Taking the kids to see Santa, nativity plays, gift-wrap, booze, huge lunches and sherry trifle.

11) Prosecco.

12) My friends.

13) Being on the receiving end of a cheeky grin.

14) Tulips.

15) Picnicking at the ford at Castle Acre.


16) Massages.

17) A dress that hides all the wobbly bits and makes me feel va-va-voom.

18) Having time alone with Boo.

19) Playing in the fountains behind King’s Cross station.


20) Raw cake batter and a plastic spatula.
So naughty. So delicious.

21) Hugs.

22) Sunshine on the back of my neck.

23) Chocolate.

24) Baby Teddy blissfully asleep on Eve.

25) Snow.


26) Fantastic blogs.
Whether funny, or creative, tender and sweet or thought-provoking, there are a lot of incredible people out there.

27) Sipping hot chocolate through whipped cream.

28) Smothering toddler cheeks in kisses.

29) Murder mystery nights.

30) Baileys.

31) When Iggle Piggle falls over at the end of In the Night Garden.
It makes Noodles squeal every time.

32) Money left over in the bank at the end of the month.
I’d imagine.

33) Paying the mortgage.
Which makes #32 impossible, but there’s a satisfying feeling to achieving responsibility.

34) The drunken face of a sated baby.

35) Hotel rooms.

36) When a new recipe works.

37) A freshly-decorated room.

38) Time to myself.

39) Musicals.

40) ‘Thank you.’

41) Great comedy.
Daniel Kitson warrants particular mention. So so great.

42) Falling into a great book.

43) Random conversations with strangers.

44) Creme brûlée.

45) Rainbows.

46) Dusk.


47) Finding the perfect lipstick/sunglasses/jeans.

48) London.

49) Paint tester pots.

50) Sleeping children.


There you are. Part 1.
I bet it’s got you thinking. So come on:
What makes you happy?
I’ll be back tomorrow with more…


4 thoughts on “Happy Things (Part 1)”

  1. Oh my goodness! We would be inseparable if we lived closer to one another!! You’re like my twin. And I love that wedding photo!! And your kids slumbering so peacefully. Really just the best post ever. PS. I just knew I’d find #20 on this list! 😉 PPS.. so is it Disneyland or Disney World that you visit? PPSS. Name your top three fave musicals? PPPSSS. Do you make creme brulee or just eat it? PPSSXYZ. Nothing more. Just seeing how long you’d let me go on for!

    1. Haha! Together we would be unstoppable!
      Re PS Absolutely! #20 couldn’t NOT be on the list.
      Re PPS Usually just Disneyland Paris. But I have been to DisneyWorld – apart from Hurricane Katrin battering Florida at the time, I loved it!
      (PS TO PPS Did you know that every Disney Park has a labyrinth of tunnels underneath so staff and characters aren’t seen out of location? I love that idea.)
      PPPS My 3 fave stage musicals are: Chicago, Fame and Bombay Dreams. (Although I want to take Boo to see Matilda in the summer, which is meant to be awesome.) My 4 fave screen musicals (I couldn’t choose just 3) are: Top Hat, West Side Story, Chicago and Evita. (The bit where Antonio Banderas is dancing in the water with the little girl is too joyous and adorable not to include.)
      PPPSSS I’m an expert in eating Creme brûlée, but have never made it. Perhaps I should give it a go. At worst I’d get a blog post out of it. At best I’d end up putting on another 2 stone.
      PPSSXYZ You crack me up, Steph. You can go in forever. Xx

      1. You’re a doll. And I did actually know that about Disneyland here in California! They also have a top secret restaurant supposedly underground too? I love Chicago. Fame, the movie was a fave but have never gotten to see the musical. I also adore Camelot and Les Mis and Into the Woods. Too many really. My two daughters play in community musical theater. One just had a lead in Legally Blonde and the other was just Veruca Salt in Wonka. Such fun. I also love Creme Brulee, but how are you able to ma to type those little french symbols over the vowels? It fascinates that something that tastes that light is made with a mini blow torch! Okay, just one PS tonight. PS. Can’t wait to explore Part Two!!

      2. It pains me that I can’t sing as I love to belt out a showtune. I could never do it on stage, but it always looks so much fun.
        You’re right, there are too many to adore. I wish I could have seen Legally Blonde when it was on in the West End. And I’d forgotten about Les Mis! I sobbed my way through the movie.
        I’m going to spend the morning belting out big tunes now. I hope the neighbours are at work!

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