Happy Things (Part 2)

20140323-171222.jpgA one-year-old Boo, happily playing amongst the sunflowers in France.

I said I’d be back. I hope you’ve had a joyful weekend.

There’s been one problem with splitting my list of ‘100’ happy things into two: I’ve kept thinking of more stuff to add! It seems mean to knock kittens off in favour of parallel parking success in order to fit an arbitrary number constraint. Surely happiness shouldn’t be constrained; it should flourish and grow. Which is why my list now goes up to 102.

Happy Things. Part 2.

51) Beautiful shoes.

52) Shooting stars.

53) Upmarket cleaning products.

54) A perfectly-cooked boiled egg.

55) Compliments about my children.
After an hour and 40 minute train journey to London on Friday a man stopped me as we got off and said, ‘It’s lovely to see such well-behaved children.’ I warned him that it could be a whole different ball-game on the way home, but it still made my day.

56) Beautiful photographs.


57) Being taught something by Boo.
She amazes me so much. Considering that Ofsted reckon her school is failing, she’s still taught me about alliteration, tessellation and what a split digraph is. She’s 6.

58) Singing at the top of my voice in the car.
I really can’t sing. Pity any passengers.

59) Free samples of face creams that I otherwise couldn’t afford.

60) The previous night’s boiled potatoes sliced and deep-fried.
It’s a testament to the fact that I do love Husband a bit that I’m willing to share them with him…sometimes.

61) Suppli alla telefonica.
Mozzarella rice balls. Delicious.

62) Halloumi cheese.

63) Dandelion clocks and seeds on the breeze.

64) My desk.


65) Live from the Red Carpet at the Oscars.
Except Husband has cancelled our Sky subscription, so I didn’t get to see it this year. 😦

66) Bubbles


67) Being given a coupon for more than £1 at the supermarket.

68) Blue skies.

69) Swings.

70) Being right.
In theory, that should mean I’m always happy. 😉

71) The open road.

72) Eating out.

73) Plans coming to fruition.

74) The tree outside Worksop with shoes randomly hanging from it.

75) Trampolines.

76) Jewish chicken soup.
I can’t tell you how hard I’ve tried to get the recipe from a friend.

77) ‘Hippos Go Beserk’ by Sandra Boynton.

78) Taking Noodles to baby gym.

79) Having a suntan. And the smell of sun cream.

80) Fountain pens.

81) An empty notebook.

82) A baby nestled on my shoulder.

83) Wind turbines.

84) When a photo of Noodles or Boo ends up on a poster…

…or in a magazine…

…or just pops up unexpectedly online.


85) Perfect parallel parking.

86) Alliteration.

87) Kittens.

88) My nan’s button box.

89) Real lemonade with lots of ice.

90) Ticking things off lists.

91) Seeing Noodles literally jump with glee.

92) The North Norfolk coast.


93) Parcel deliveries.
Like receiving a present, even if I have paid for it myself.

94) Shopping for new homeware.
Because you’re never too fat for your cushions.

95) Shiny hair.

96) Fields of sunflowers in the Dordogne.

97) Going out for the night and feeling amazing.

98) Fish and chips by the sea.

99) Being stroked, with no agenda.

100) Oh, go on then, great sex.

101) Being loved.

102) A job well done.


2 thoughts on “Happy Things (Part 2)”

  1. Oh! I think you should absolutely make this a running (stunning!) list with additions showing up as unexpectedly as photos of your beautiful daughter (So she’s a model? She’s so wholesomely gorgeous!) I for one, will keep checking back to see if you do spontaneously add on to it. I cannot say how intrigued I am by some of the words or phrasings I do not recognize. Here they are.
    Wind Turbines
    Dandelion Clocks
    Ofsted reckon her school is failing
    Halloumi cheese

    And is that really a bell on your desk? Whom or what do you summon? Why won’t your friend share her recipe for Jewish chicken soup? Do you mean matzo ball soup? And I love the way you worded 99 and 100! Also, it’s too funny how you say you’re never too fat for cushions. I suppose that is why I like purse and sunglasses shopping, but not clothes!

    Your list is simply a vision of inspiration! Thank you. So enjoyable and now its after 2 in the morning so I shall drift off thinking of mine.

    1. My husband would say I’m the most pessimistic person he’s met, so it’s been a positive experience to come up with nice things to say. I think I shall update from time to time.
      When I write I wonder about the peculiarities of English English. Here’s a guide:
      Dordogne – an area of France. Absolutely stunning.
      I’m not sure what wind turbines are called in the States. They’re big windmills used to harness wind power.
      Dandelion clocks – do you call them blowballs? Here we count how many puffs it takes to blow the seeds off, and then that’s meant to be the time.
      Ofsted are evil school inspectors run by the government.
      Upmarket – over-priced, high-end goods.
      Halloumi cheese – Cypriot cheese that is utterly delicious when fried. Squeaks when you eat it.
      Tessellation – patterns of shapes without gaps. I’d seriously never heard of it until Boo taught me.

      Other answers:
      Yes, that’s a bell in my desk. No one responds to it, but it’s good to ding when an idea pops into my head.
      My friend is hideously forgetful when it comes to providing me with his recipe. I’ve been waiting for at least 7 years. Yes, the one with the matzo balls. Best soup ever.

      I hope you had happy dreams. I’d love to know your list.

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