Could the Gluestick Family be Scandinavian Royalty?

Frozen is out on DVD today. For anyone with a girl in their family between the ages of about 3 and 10 this is a VERY BIG DEAL.

Frozen seems to have struck a chord with every single little girl I know. And their mums. (And their dads in some cases. ‘Man, Elsa is the hottest cartoon character since Jessica Rabbit,’ one of my friends’ husbands sighed as she transformed from uptight heir to the throne to strutting snow queen.) The conversation in the changing room at dancing pretty much revolved around ‘Best Song in the Film’ whilst we listened to the ballet class caterwauling along to Let It Go.

But no one could possibly be as enthralled as Boo. It’s gone from a like to an obsession. We even have fake snow to hand for Frozen-related fun.

Never too old for Disney.

‘I wish I was Elsa or Anna,’ Boo sighed.

‘What if you sort of were?’ I replied.


‘Well, your ancestors could have been Scandinavian princesses like Elsa and Anna.’


I’ve never seen eyes open so wide.

It’s a possibility. My paternal grandfather’s family are from Norway. My great-grandfather was called Olaf. (Although he wasn’t a snowman.)

As a child I had white-blonde hair and big blue eyes just like Elsa. Sadly the hair dulled and went mousey, but whilst she was alive my great-grandmother loved my Scandi looks and hoped that I would learn Norweigan. (I didn’t – there’s not a lot of demand for Norweigan classes in West Norfolk. But if I ever do the first thing I want to learn to say is ‘How much?!’ Unless there’s an inheritance to be had amongst the fjords I couldn’t afford to visit, much less live in Norway.)

With my little sister, aged about 3. Why couldn’t I have grown up to be as smoking hot as Elsa?

But there are a lot of people in Norway. It doesn’t mean that we have any royal blood.

But Eve’s and Noodles’ eyes suggest that we might have. Or, more particularly, their left eyes, as both of them have Sectoral Heterochromia. They both have odd-coloured eyes, or more specifically brown flecks in their left eyes.

Apparently this rarer than Heterochromia Iridis, which is where two eyes are completely different colours and can be caused by genetic mutation or circumstance, such as with Mila Kunis and David Bowie.

Sectoral Heterochromia (I can’t tell you how glad I am that it comes up as predictive text on my phone!) is always genetic and when present in the left eye is seen as ‘The mark of Swedish royalty,’ (according to my internet research). Sweden’s only a short jump from Norway. Could it be true that we are royal descendants? That would be pretty awesome.

Noodles’ eyes. His brown flecks are only just developing – Eve’s have become more pronounced over time, but I don’t have any close-up photos of her.

Now, knowing the Gluestick luck, our family would have been the result of some Swedish prince having his way with a wench and then banishing her to Norway. I doubt there are any crowns with our names on them.

But still, maybe, just maybe, we have some Scandinavian royal blood in us. Which makes Boo about the happiest girl ever.

Now, will you excuse me whilst I go and don a tiara and dig out some fake snow.

If only the cold never bothered me anyway.


6 thoughts on “Could the Gluestick Family be Scandinavian Royalty?”

  1. This is pretty fun. I was doing a little research on my own sectoral heterchromia and your blog popped up. Where did you find the information about a link to royalty? My daughter would love to hear about that, as well, as we have Norwegian lineage, too! Maybe – even stranger, we are distantly related to you! Anyway, thanks for the fun post, found nearly a year later!

    1. I think I found out about the royalty thing whilst doing a Google search – it might mention it on the Wiki page for sectoral heterchromia. I think we should go and claim our crowns right away!!!

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