A Cautionary Tale


Despite our house having three floors, I don’t often venture right to the top. Too many stairs, for one thing. Plus, as it’s only got Eve’s and Grandy’s rooms and a bathroom there’s not too much reason.

Nevertheless, I would advise that doors are kept shut. As Eve’s boyfriend learnt to his cost this evening.

My sister arrived for a visit today. Boo loves it when she comes for a sleepover. (I think Boo would be happy if my sister would adopt her. When my sister is here I see very little of Boo.) But a sleepover meant that I had to get the duvet cover from the airing cupboard on the top floor.

Eve’s boyfriend assumed that my footsteps on the stairs were Eve’s. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been naked with the door open.


I promise I didn’t see anything. But he is mortified. The poor boy. I just thought it was funny.

I’m guessing the door will be kept shut from now on.


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