Tying Loose Ends

Spring has inspired me to actually dust today (normally life is too short for dusting, especially with drafty windows that let all sorts of grubbiness into the house). So I thought I should take today to do some blog spring cleaning too and tie up some loose ends from the past couple of weeks.

1) After my shopping disappointment last Sunday, I found the ideal undies…in Primark! I normally avoid Primark at all costs. Too much stuff, too many people (the Manchester store is the only place I’ve had to queue to get out of a changing room!). It’s usually just too overwhelming. However, after being tipped off by a friend I managed to get three sets of undies for the price of one bra in the other places I tried. They fit well and I don’t look like a gargoyle. I may be a convert.

Ah, pretty AND affordable.

2) The kids’ bedrooms have been vacuumed and remained tidy for the whole of the weekend (a major rarity in the Gluestick house)! Mind you, you don’t want to see the state of the living room!

Tidy bedrooms shock!


3) After speaking to a friend whose in touch with her spiritual side about freaky noises coming from Noodles’ room our house isn’t just being cleaned, it’s going to be cleansed. I’m still not convinced I believe in it all, but changing the frequency on the baby monitor didn’t improve things, so hopefully having my friend do her thing will help me both me and Noodles sleep better. Either that, or it’ll properly freak me out and I’ll be putting the house on the market in favour of a brand new build. Watch this space…

4) I’ve actually started to enjoy running! OK, so it’s still not really running, more like plodding, but I managed to keep going for half an hour yesterday and could have kept going for longer except I had Boo with me and she’d had enough.

‘Phew! That’s the most exercising I’ve ever done,’ she exclaimed at the end.

‘We went further when we did the 5k last summer,’ I reminded her.

‘But you mostly carried me then,’ she reminded me.

‘Oh yes.’

I don’t think I’ve found a new training partner. I’m not carrying her again.

5) Indy IS reading my blog (Hi, Indy!) and approves. I had the sweetest text from her:
In answer to your blog yes Evie did tell me it after hours of searching…and my feedback is that i put off watching a programme for an hour to read more, that i got annoyed when ed decided to scroll down because i “WANTED to read the next sentence, thank you” and that today I woke up at 8am and instantly got out of bed to finish it off…It’s funny and witty and so honest that its actually hard to stop reading. KEEP GOING AND DON’T CHANGE A SINGLE THING ABOUT IT!

For Indy to wake up at 8am is high praise indeed! If my blog should ever be made into a book I’m going to her for the jacket quote.

Needless to say Husband must still NEVER know about the blog.

5) Which is why he STILL leaves an empty tube on the toilet roll holder.

6) A little while ago Arthur Didymus nominated me for a Liebster Award on his blog Never Mind Arthur. Apologies for not responding sooner, Arthur, but thank you for the nomination.

I’ve been looking into the award, it’s essentially about passing on recognition of people who are inspiring in their blogging. Amongst my searching I came across this quote:

Which sums up Arthur’s blog perfectly. It’s a real compliment to think Arthur thinks the same of me.

Arthur, are there meant to be questions?

That’s enough tidying for now. Now for a large glass of wine and to chill out. Ahhhhh.


4 thoughts on “Tying Loose Ends”

  1. Please, please, PLEASE notify me when the house is being cleansed, I’d rather not bare witness to something that belongs in ‘The Exorcist’.

    1. Apparently she doesn’t sense anything bad. She thinks it could be a family member or guardian angel. Is it rude to tell a guardian angel to go away? Apparently she’ll tell them that ‘only peace and love’ are allowed in the house. Has she not met our family? 😉

  2. Dusting is so annoying, it’s like to clean and the next minute the dust is right back! I was going to dust today, do a little spring cleaning, but I passed all that and just enjoyed the wine.

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