Finding Phie


With love and a good dose of nepotism, I’d like to nominate That’s So Phie for a Liebster Award.

She is my very own Indy. Finding her blog is like stumbling upon her diary, but with permission to read it. It’s a strange to read what would normally be off-limits but is ok because it’s in the blogosphere. I promise I won’t judge.

Phie/Indy is beautiful, sweet and fortunate to be on the exciting brink of adulthood, where life is about opportunities and finding your feet.

* * * * *

Have faith in your abilities, Phie, to grab those opportunities when you can. They’re presented to you because you have the capabilities to follow them up. Believe in yourself, even when it’s scary to do so.

In the meantime, welcome to the blogosphere. I’m sure your audience will grow and grow and you will discover some wonderful voices to follow too.

In the meantime, please accept this ‘award’. I’m sorry it doesn’t come with a fancy frock and a ceremony. However, it will lead people to you and you to them. You’re now also included on my Breadcrumb Trails list. I suggest you check out the others on there too. Please also pass the award on as you discover new blogs that inspire you. It’s feels good to share the love.

Now, Phie. Post 11 facts about you. And answer my following 11 questions:

1) When have you been happiest?

2) When have you been saddest?

3) What scares you?

4) Who inspires you?

5) What do you dream of?

6) What’s your earliest memory?

7) If you could travel back in time, where would you go to and when?

8) What are you most proud of?

9) If you won £9m on tonight’s lottery, what would you do with the money?

10) If you were a superhero, what would your secret power be?

11) Tell us a secret.

Looking forward to hearing your answers and seeing your blog flourish.


Oh, actually, one more question: do I keep you as ‘Indy’ here, or change you to ‘Phie’?



5 thoughts on “Finding Phie”

  1. Ah, she is so beautiful and her blog looks great (I am of course now a follower). You must be so proud 🙂 xx

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