In the Name of Equality and Fabulousness


This morning I found my daughter, Indy’s blog, That’s So Phie and nominated her for a Liebster Award, so that she may be welcomed to the blogosphere. (Thank you to those who’ve added her to your reading list.)

I’ve now found that my other older daughter, Eve, has jumped on the WordPress bandwagon too. (I’m feeling very cool to have my teen daughters copying me.)

Her blog is My Other Earth. As someone whose life has taken a very different one to the one she was planning a year ago, it’s very perceptive. Her insight into bring a new mum is very sweet and recognisable too.

To Eve’s credit, she’s watched her sister take the path she planned on (albeit in a completely different field). She’s done so with incredible maturity and unswaying support for her twin.

* * * * *

Eve, please accept the Liebster nomination. To do so, answer the 11 questions I posted to Indy here: (I’m too lazy to write them out again or to think of some new ones, and I’m interested to see if there will be any spooky twin answers.)

You then have to post 11 things about you and tip us off about any other blogs you love by passing the nomination into them. Ok, it’s a bit like a chain letter, rather than a swishy gala dinner, but let’s face it, you wouldn’t have eaten the food anyway. Think of it as passing on the love.

I’ll also add you to my recommended blogger list on Breadcrumb Trails. 🙂

Now, please excuse me. I’ve just been rather startled by Dale Winton’s beard. Anything else I add will just be gibberish.


* * * * *

Dale Winton: I think it’s the combination of the beard with overly-groomed eyebrows. Alarming!


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