The Guinea Pig

Parenting is definitely a learning curve. Possibly the steepest of all. And every time you think you’re getting the hang of it the little buggers will go through a developmental shift and it’s back to square one again.

Those baby record books, where you (intend to) write down all the developmental milestones should come with an extra column on each page: ‘How we nearly messed it up as your parents.’

Last night would have been a perfect example. Baby Teddy had had his first set of immunisations. He was not a fan. Poor little mite. But still, surely better than a full blown case of DTap/IPV/Hib/PCV/Rota (whatever they are).

Afterwards was to be Eve’s and the boyfriend’s lesson 101 on the subject of Calpol.

The boyfriend: How much are we meant to give?

Eve: The bottle says 100ml.

The boyfriend: That’s how much is in the entire bottle. Didn’t the nurse say two 5ml?

Me: Noooo! 2 point 5ml!

(And to think he was training to be a doctor!)

Dose sorted, then came the fun of working out how to extract the medicine with the syringe. Sometimes it’s fun being the grandparent and just sitting back to watch.

First they tried to extract the plug. Then I told them that you insert the syringe into the plug, before the kitchen got a covering of gloppy pink liquid. More faffing getting the right dose…and then the plug came out with the syringe.

As I walked down the hall I could hear Eve instructing the boyfriend: No! Don’t squeeze it in all at once like that. Do it slowly!

Either way, it was clear Teddy wasn’t keen, spitting the syrup out. No fear of Teddy being overdosed after all. He probably took so little in it was more akin to a homeopathic remedy.

Eve and boyfriend, I’m sorry I laughed at your struggles. It’s only because we’ve all trod in the same stumbling footprints. If it doesn’t so much get easier, you do get used to rolling with the punches.


3 thoughts on “The Guinea Pig”

  1. Oh lord, I’m sure I have overdosed Liam a couple of times on accident. I was also scared that he ate a chocolate laxative at one point too, not too long ago. We waited for doom all day. Never happened, thank the heavens above. We all make terrible mistakes as parents, and its okay laugh at them, in my honest opinion. 🙂

    1. Haha. Very good.
      I suppose tongue-biting is necessary as every parent needs to work their own way through the maze of baby-parenting challenges. Nothing worse than constantly having someone looking over your shoulder tut-tutting at every move. Baby Teddy is the bonniest thing, so – Calpol administration aside – they’re doing a terrific job.

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