April According to my Phone

Much as I love my iPhone for its strokeability, the lack of an SD-card means that memory space is of a premium (especially when you’ve not got a computer to clutter with stuff instead). I’ve had to make some hard decisions this month…and have deleted Facebook from my phone! I thought it was bad enough losing Candy Crush Saga. It turned out that had nothing on Facebook.

All for the sake of random pictures that will never be looked at again once I give up on the phone. So here’s a selection of the photos I sacrificed Facebook for:

The day we all chose to wear peach.

Noodles was fascinated by Iggle Piggle’s tiddle In the Night Garden.

Teddy felt the love at Grandma’s house.

Noodles enjoyed the fountains at Granary Square in London.

Den in the woods.

Boo popped up on Pinterest.


Frozen ruled at the Oxford Street branch of the Disney Store.

I had a merry night out.

Getting in and out of the bouncy castle at the Princess party was neither easy nor dignified. But it was funny to watch.

Boo happily got stuck into her Easter eggs…

…Mind you, she did have several to get through.

We then ate more chocolate at dinner (via the medium of individual soggy-belly chocolate fudge cake).

Boo and Husband fed a baby lamb.

Boo and I played in the hay shed.

Noodles got hold of my phone and went selfie crazy.

Boo ate blue ice cream.

I put a sage plant by my sink to ward off spirits (along with coriander, thyme and parsley to ward off bland dinners).

The car passed its MOT…and the engine warning light is no longer permanently on!

I ran for four and a half minutes without stopping to walk (or dying!) – a major achievement for me.

Hmmm. Overall, I’m not sure it was worth the loss of Facebook. I think I need a better phone. One where I don’t have to make such tough decisions.


10 thoughts on “April According to my Phone”

  1. You keep outdoing yourself (and me, but whose counting) with laughs per post!!!!! First of all, I just loved getting to glimpse all of you in “natural” unposed circumstances. YOU LOOK AMAZINGLY YOUNG. What the heck? Beauty secrets post upcoming, I hope?? Your kids are stop the clock GORGEOUS. Every one of them. Your husband – – really who cares if he cannot change the toilet paper roll? I think you ought to make this a permanent page or post under “About the Gluestick Family!” I LOVE IT!!!

    1. Oh no, Steph, I definitely trail in your wake with the laughs.
      I fear the young thing is down to my grandma’s genes. I do worry that lack of wrinkles will come hand in hand with bigotry, fondness for repetition and bigotry though.
      Or, the other possible option is that sleeping in your make-up is beneficial to the skin, although not great for the sheets. In such circumstances, going to sleep is a lot less scary than waking up too.

    1. Thank you. I really liked doing a monthly round-up. I think I might make it a feature, otherwise those random photos on my phone just end up in the technology graveyard.

      1. I love the one with all of the selfies. That is hilarious, and so something my son would do. Right now, he just (unknowingly) prank calls people. lol. I think that is a good idea… I have been wanting to start doing something like that from my camera. I usually post most of my phone pics on FB.

      2. I have to hover whenever Noodles has my phone. Either he takes a million selfies, deletes any decent/important pictures I have (thank God for iCloud!) or tries to buy apps/music. I’d set passwords, but he’d get round them whilst I’d struggle to remember.
        As it is, watching HIM taught ME how to do a screen grab and how to access voice control!
        Unintentional prank calls though? Now, that’s clever!

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