The Dictator, the Drama Queen and the Soul Man

Ah, is there any better part of the day than the kids’ bedtime? I mean, they can be cute and funny and incredibly cuddlesome, but they can also be demanding and whiny and absolutely exhausting.

The Dictator


Noodles may be two, but he knows his mind. And he’s not afraid to let everyone know EXACTLY what he wants. He’s also more than happy to let everyone know when things AREN’T going his way.

‘This way. This way,’ is one of his favourite cries.

Go his way and he’s euphoric. ‘Yaaaaaaaaay!!!’

Which is far more adorable than the alternative: ‘WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!’

The combination of the above set the route for my run this morning. ‘This way. Yaaaaay! This way. This way. This way! WAAAAAAAHHHH! This way.’ The whole while sat like a little emperor in his sedan chair/stroller. But at least I got to exercise, right? Well, yes, but also not quite. My plan wasn’t to take a 30-minute break mid-run to explore a playground we stumbled upon on our spontaneous route. Yet, that’s exactly what we did, because The Dictator said so.

It’s why lunch with my friend was curtailed in a café. Noodles and sitting still don’t go together and sofa-climbing into other people’s lunch and wailing when prevented from doing so are both frowned upon by fellow diners. Ah, who wants to string a full sentence together and catch up with my friend anyway?

It’s why we ended up on a massive detour after our trip to the park this afternoon and caught in a rain shower halfway home.

‘This way. This way. Carry. Walk. This way. Oh, is rainin’. This way.’

‘This way!’

It’s why I’m absolutely shattered tonight and was in bed the second his head finally hit the pillow, my body drained.

The Drama Queen


Friday afternoon is NOT a good time in the Drama Queen’s week. You’d think she’d be happy: no more school for two whole days. BUT there’s still extra ballet class to get to and The Dictator is being annoying and there’s dinner to eat and air to breathe and IT’S ALL TOO MUCH!!!

Once sat in the dance school changing room, hair scraped into a bun, frilly socks and pink ballet slippers, she’s an angel child, all pointy toes and cute smile.

Drama? What drama?


It’s why by the time she was tucked up in bed I was ready to jump into mine, my brain reduced to a soggy puddle.

The Soul Man


And whilst a non-stop barrage of negotiations, bartering and bowing to the will of people considerably smaller than me makes up my day and wipes me out, body and soul, what of Husband? Well, he’s away, wiping himself out physically but making the most of the soul at a Northern Soul weekend. Music, friends, drinking, late nights and lie-ins.


Isn’t that nice?

* * * * *

Still, it’s the weekend, right?

Oh. Right.


4 thoughts on “The Dictator, the Drama Queen and the Soul Man”

  1. After I read the first line of this, I thought yes, there is a better part of the day MY BEDTIME but then I finished reading and I see you’ve already got that figured out! Thanks for the post! (Do wonder how Soul Man got such a good deal in all this!)

    1. The Soul Man always seems to get the better deal. If it’s not music then it’s football. He’s off to Brazil for the World Cup next month. Meanwhile we have no family holiday booked (again). I have a plan though…but that’s a post for another time. 😉

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