I Can’t Always Be There to Catch You When You Fall

Inspired by the Daily Post photo challenge: On the Move


Stopping off at the war memorial gardens this morning, Noodles took a tumble. Prepared to head him off at the gate I was too far away to catch him as he flew head over heels and onto his back. Proving the kindness of strangers isn’t dead and buried, a man helped Noodles to his feet. Not a tear, not a whimper, I’d barely reached him before he was off again, too busy to look where he was going, having too much fun to care about any consequences of literally running full pelt at life.

I do wish I could be more like him in life.



5 thoughts on “I Can’t Always Be There to Catch You When You Fall”

    1. Nearly 2-and-a-half. Running at life is everything at his age.
      I just wish he’d look where he’s going though. I dread the day he gets behind the wheels of a car!

      1. OMG! LOL. Me too! Liam is at full speed, always. The kid never stops. So what you are saying to me is that I can only expect this to get worse then, as he is only 20 months. lol. YAY!!! :/

      2. Pretty much. The childhood obesity crisis seems to suggest there comes a point where they’d rather sit and play on an XBox instead of running at things. But I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing.

      3. Nope. My child won’t sit to watch a tv show to save his life. Sometimes, I wish he would. But, I am blessed with a very active child. Sounds like you are too!! 🙂

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