The Anti Anti-Bullying Teddy (or The Importance of Punctuation)

Boo came out of school on Cloud Nine today. She’d won a poster competition for Norfolk Constabulary’s anti-bullying campaign. A pass for six kids to the local play area isn’t to be sniffed at for a start. (Ironically one of the kids she wants to invite bullied her horrendously last year.)

‘I think they’ve made a mistake with the teddy though,’ Boo said as she pulled a small bear from her school bag.


Say NO to Hate Bullying

‘Doesn’t that mean the same as Say YES to Liking Bullying?’ Boo asked.

Hmmmm, technically, yes. I’m not sure that’s what Norfolk Constabulary meant though. Obviously a proof-read (by a 6-year-old if necessary) and some punctuation would have clarified things. ‘Say ‘NO’ to Hate Bullying.’ Never underestimate the power of the inverted comma.

Or maybe they’re (not so) subliminally encouraging the next generation not to grow up to be moral citizens otherwise the police will be out of a job? In which case I’m keeping hold of Bully Bear. Just in case Boo needs to use it for her defence in years to come.

In the meantime Bully Bear has been put in charge of policing Boo’s other teddies. They’d better watch their step!


6 thoughts on “The Anti Anti-Bullying Teddy (or The Importance of Punctuation)”

  1. Your daughter is so smart!! And horrible punctuation kills me. I try to make a conscientious effort to punctuate correctly, but I’m thinking that they did not. And for it to be going on something like that… Shaking my head. lol..

    1. It took me ages to realise what it was actually meant to say. It doesn’t say much for the thoroughness of our local police force. I’m hoping it was only because they had bigger things to focus on…but I suspect not.

  2. Well, what more would you expect from your aforementioned “failing” school? This is too funny! But well done to Boo for winning the competition and also becoming the grammar police! Not bad for one of such tender years!

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