The Agony of Waiting.


Thank you to everyone who wished me good luck with my interview today. After cramming into my brain as much knowledge of conveyancing law, stamp duty thresholds and marketing strategies as possible, painting my nails (then re-painting because I smudged them) plucking my eyebrows and applying hand lotion for that all important handshake, it turned out to be less of a grilling, more of a quick chat. My complete lack of experience in the field is no problem, they just want someone whose self-motivated and personable. I can put on those masks easy enough.

But now I must wait. They’re seeing someone else too, so I’m going to have to bide my time until the weekend. Aaaaargh. But the people were lovely and the job sounds great and I really really really really want it. The weekend is forever away. Goodbye, nails.

I’m guessing I’m really not very patient then.

Meanwhile I also had a text from Boo’s agency about a possible shoot at the end of the month. An immediate reply to confirm her availability…and then nothing. I should be used to that by now – shoots are notorious for being finalised at the last minute, or falling through completely. This year has been a catalogue of cancellations and near misses. Not that it bothers Boo – oh, the joy of being a carefree 6-year-old – but there are only so many times you can check your texts and emails before you feel the prickles of frustration.

A watched pot never boils and all that, but take your eye off and you end up with a burnt pan.

Or a dead fish. Of the three tiddlers we bought at the weekend, two have thrived and one pretty much sat at the bottom of the tank. Today has been spent waiting for it to meet its fishy maker. For three days it looked sorry for itself whilst Fish and Patrick darted about the tank. But typically it didnt go belly up until I’d gone for my interview, just before Boo got home from school, leaving us no time to replace Goldie with Goldie II.

Thankfully Boo doesn’t seem too bothered. In fact, I don’t think she’s noticed, even with Husband fishing it out the tank and for its funeral procession to the small bathroom (although I’m not that happy that he used the sieve to do so).

But for the rest I must continue to wait.


If the above quote is true, I think my best tactic is to take to my bed with Netflix and WordPress to distract me. It’d be for the best of all those around me I think.

What’s your best strategy for coping with a frustrating wait? What’s the worst wait you’ve had? How patient are you?


7 thoughts on “The Agony of Waiting.”

  1. Well, good luck!!! I hope you get it, if it is what you want!! I too, have a horrible time with patience. Everyone told me when I have children it will get better, and I’m pretty sure that was a LIE. I get it honestly from my dad. I also bite my nails, and the skin around my nails too, when I am anxiously awaiting some news, or someone to show up, etc. The absolute worst wait I had was the week or so building up to having my son. I was miserable and on bed-rest because of my high BP. I was at the doctor every other day, hoping that each time I went I would be dilated, or my water would break, or that they would schedule me for an induction. And each time, none of those things would happen. I would get so mad. On one particular visit, I told my husband to piss me off right before we went back so that my BP would be so high that they wouldn’t have any choice but to hospitalize me. But he wouldn’t, and that pissed me off; and lets just say that my BP got me what I wanted that day. I was 39 weeks and just miserable. 🙂 Again, good luck!!!! And congrats on the interview. Those things are hard to come by! lol.

    1. I bite/pick at the skin around my nails too. It’s a disgusting habit and my fingers are scarred because of it, but I can’t help it.
      Pregnancy waiting sucks, doesn’t it? I was 40 +6 with Boo and 40 +9 with Noodles! I think I took to growling rather than talking.

      1. OMG. That sounds awful! If I would have had to wait till I was 40 weeks pregnant, let alone 40+. I’m not real sure what I would have done… There has to be a law against that! lol. My skin was stretched to the limits, I could literally feel my belly skin ripping. RIPPING. Needless to say, my belly now looks like a road map. But I wouldn’t change it for anything, I suppose. 😉

  2. Ooh good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I am very impatient so haven’t got any great tips on how to cope with the wait apart from try and do what you can to take your mind off it – watch a good film, read a book, have a few glasses of wine…. X

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