The Explorer

Ah, the sun has returned. I’m grateful, not least of all because it means Noodles can get outside. (Although having the slide covered in a thousand just-hatched baby spiders and Noodles desperate to clamber all over them/them all over him was not especially lovely.)

At the moment Noodles loves to take any willing victim on an expedition. Leaving the route entirely to his choice when time permits can take you on a completely random and overlapping route around town.

Yesterday, for example, he declined his usual stop at the train station in favour of a trundle through the park.


He chose to totter around the perimeter of the basketball court but then shunned the playground and parkour area. On to the train tracks, back and forward, back and forward and then down the road, stopping to scrunch in gravel drives and read out door numbers.

Further and further down the road – walk, carry, walk, carry – and then a very enthusiastic clamber along the wall of the college.

By the end of the road though the explorer’s legs are started to tire. He sits on the floor and refuses to move, his backpack luckily acting like a pillow. I didn’t have the required provisions of chocolate buttons and ‘juice’…but I did have spare change in my purse. If taking Noodles for a walk always have £1.40 on you to catch the bus.

Straight to the back seat, the happiest boy in the world. Money well spent to save a) my back and b) a tantrum.



It’s another nice day today. I wonder where our travels will take us? I’ll make sure I’ve got sufficient provisions and plenty of loose change on me to cover all possibilities.

Inspired by The Daily Post Photography challenge On the Move.


3 thoughts on “The Explorer”

    1. If you’ve got to use public transport, might as well annoy all other fellow travellers with overly-enthusiastic but sadly out of tune warblings, right?

      The spiders were horrific. I betrayed my sensibilities the day I cried at Charlotte’s web. No matter how hard they try to improve spider PR with anthropomorphism the reality when it comes to arachnids is ALWAYS nightmarish.

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