Rhetorical Toddler Questions #1

How come ‘NO‘ is one of a toddlers favourite words when they’re using it…
but once you use it on them they have NO COMPREHENSION of the word at all?!?!

Noodles happily walking on the kitchen table having been told ‘No.’ Butter wouldn’t melt.


13 thoughts on “Rhetorical Toddler Questions #1”

  1. When you find the answer to that, will you please share it!?!? I’m exhausted with his thorough use of the word, and his inability to mind me when I use it. lol. And him being on the table… He and Liam would be good buddies! lol.

  2. I KNOW you have tons of interesting situations with that little imp! I can tell just by seeing that “Who me?” “Is something wrong?” look on his face! Perhaps we should compare notes. Shall I tell you about the day my son sat down with blue markers and painted his feet and our dog’s paws and they ran round my white carpet?

    1. Oooh, I know just how that one feels. When the twins were 2 my dad had just wallpapered the hall. It took the pair of them about 2 minutes of him finishing the job before they grabbed a stack of pens and drew all over the wall.
      Kids’ heads are crazy!!!!

      1. UGH. We should make a blog all its own entitled…..Toddler Tomfoolery from Hell or something along that line…..hmm. Well, in the spirit of one upmanship….can you imagine a toddler who gets out of his bed in morning before the rest of house is awake, goes down to the fridge, gets out a glass jar of garlic, THROWS AND BREAKS said glass jar of GARLIC on floor, followed by the trip of the dog down the stairs behind him to check out the noise and said dog’s subsequent very quick return back up the stairs because of the strong garlic stench now emanating from kitchen? OMG. First thought was broken glass and baby’s bare feet, second thought was HOW IN THE HECK do you get a baby NOT to smell like garlic when he’s got it all over him? Third thought……where do you buy bolts to lock babies in their rooms!

      2. It ended with me threatening to get Santa to take all the presents back and two small girls sobbing in the living room. But they were lucky I hadn’t called the police.

      3. Oh, my. Yes, we’ve never gotten to the “calling the police” stage yet. Yes, am going to say you will probably win this one in the end….I can’t wait to hear it all after that teaser……

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