Boys & Girls #1: Jam

Is there an inherent difference between girls and boys? For all the gender neutralising – and the fact that Noodles has the girliest at scream of anyone I know – I think there is.

For example:

If you asked Boo if she wanted to make a jam she’d have her pinny on and be boiling fruit quicker than you could say ‘Robinsons.’


Ask Noodles if he’d like to make a jam, however, and he’d have his box of toy cars out faster than you could say ‘Jeremy Clarkson’ and have them lined up along the floor.

The cause of this living room traffic jam is clearly the monkey at the helm of the pirate ship. Never let a monkey steer a ship!

We have so many of these lines of toy cars around the house I’m surprised we don’t get a mention on the traffic report. Especially as some of these vehicles remain gridlocked for days on end.

Mind you, I’d dread to think of the mess were we to let Noodles loose on crushing strawberries, so maybe it’s for the best.


2 thoughts on “Boys & Girls #1: Jam”

  1. Fascinating to me!! I wrote my novel on one woman’s quest to have a daughter after having only boys (based on seeds of my own story) and would have to say that there are true innate differences that should be cherished and celebrated but (and woe to anyone who tried to tell me this years ago when I only had sons) neither gender is more anything – – loving, affectionate, verbal, closer to mother, etc. That is embedded in the child’s soul.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There will forever be boys more girlie than some girls and girls more tomboyish than some boys. And they should never be made to feel as though that’s wrong, because it’s them and it’s best for the world that there is that overlap.
      But then, also, after having 3 girls I look at Noodles and think ‘WTF? This is a whole new ball game.’
      I found your book on Amazon the other day. I’m going to read it as soon as I’ve invested in some Tena Lady. I’ve adored your short stories and your blog, so can’t wait for a longer rummage in your world. Xx

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