Colour Confusion


Following on from my discussion with Husband over the blue bowl (that definitely isn’t brown), it seems that Noodles may be following on in his Dad’s footsteps. Dammit.

Boo had (as ever) left my pens scattered all over the floor. I decided I would use the mess to my advantage and test Noodles on his colours.

Me (holding a light blue pen): What colour is this?

Noodles: Blue

Phew. He’s doing better than his dad.

Me (holding a dark blue pen): What about this one?

Noodles: Purple.

Gah! I spoke too soon. Still, at least he didn’t say brown.

Me: Not quite. It’s blue too. Light blue and dark blue, see?

I hold up a purple pen next.

Me: What about this one?

Noodles: Pink.

D’oh. Although the distinction between dark pink and purple can be a fine line. I’m still not sure what colour Barney the Dinosaur is meant to be. And believe me, it’s something I’ve definitely pondered over the years, particularly when the twins had a Barney obsession.

Even Barney has to think about whether he’s meant to be pink or purple.

I’ll forgive him that one then and move onto the pink pen.

Noodles: Red.


He identified red as red though, knew that both greens were green, even though one was light and one was dark, and orange was orange. It’s not a dead loss.

Then an important one. I held up the brown pen.

Me: What colour’s this, Noodles?

Noodles: Black.

At least he didn’t say blue, but we’ve definitely got some work to do. At least Noodles is only 2. He’s surely got to be more malleable than his 48-year-old father. The next generation of wives/girlfriends can thank me for having been spared the frustration of a colour-incompetent husband/boyfriend.

Although I suppose I should be grateful that he hadn’t just used the pens to draw all over walls. Or did I speak too soon?


5 thoughts on “Colour Confusion”

    1. If Barney is meant to be ‘a dinosaur from our imagination’ I’m sure I’d have imagined a less ambiguous colour. Mind you, I’d have also imagined him as less gratingly annoying too.

  1. I think that’s pretty good for a two-year-old! Regarding Barney’s color…Barney is so obnoxious and his color is so repulsive that I call everything that color simply “Barney” color and reject it summarily. Can’t tell you how sad I was when the clematis I bought for the garden turned out to be Barney colored when it bloomed…
    -Amy at

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