Rhetorical Toddler Questions #2

How come a toddler can flake out within minutes during the day, particularly in the car just as you’re nearing home or various other in opportune moments…
And yet…
Once bedtime hits, nap or not, they have a stamina that puts the Duracell bunny to shame?

Which is how come I’m sat in the dark watching Curious George with my own little monkey more than 2 hours past bedtime and he’s got more energy than I have.



3 thoughts on “Rhetorical Toddler Questions #2”

    1. Curious George just makes Noodles behave (even more) like an ADHD monkey. But it also reminds me that ADHD monkeys are incredibly cute and loving.
      If it leads to yellow accessorising though I shan’t be sad.

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