Face Off

Husband: Are you feeling ok?

Me: Yes, I’m fine. Why?

Husband: Oh, you just look a bit pale around the eyes.

Me: Oh? Really?

Then the penny dropped.

Husband: Ohhhh. You’re not wearing any make-up.

Indeed, I wasn’t. I had a rehearsal later for a show and didn’t fancy putting on the slap twice. I had dyed my hair though and put on some fake tan. I thought, despite the lack of mascara, I looked all right.


Clearly not.

So, later, back home in stage make-up:


Husband: That’s a lot of make-up you’ve got on.

Mind you, this is the man who told me I looked ‘too sparkly’ on our wedding day. Clearly he doesn’t understand the make-up thing.

Some days I just can’t win.


4 thoughts on “Face Off”

  1. I cannot stop laughing at the man’s utter ineptness. “Too sparkly?!!” On your wedding day! He’s all but begging to be reincarnated as an insecure female. But as it nears 4 am here in California, I must ask the question surely all your followers are wondering… what show? What Show are you in, that I cannot recall you ever mentioning, and that now causes me to wonder if you can belt out Streisand’s, “Don’t Rain on My Parade?” La, la, la Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter….la la la…. Yes?

    1. I’m not even quite sure why this has re-posted as it was from back at the start of last month. It was just a little memorial show to raise some money for charity. But although I’m far too old and fat to grace a stage with any sort of dignity I can’t help myself.

      1. It reposted itself because I missed it the first time. And that’s a crime. And insomnia is a bitch. And now I am imagining you tapping, plié ing, juggling(?) throwing your voice across the room, demonstrating toilet paper roll changing…. All for a good cause.

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