Back to Reality

A word of warning to parents/potential future parents of small children: after those moments when you’re immersed in the fantasy of a perfect life DON’T LOOK UP AT REALITY. Because whilst you’ve been lost in another world your children will have been busy making their mark – quite literally – on the real world. The one you have to tidy up.

Whilst I was there planning my ideal family home my children seemed to have dropped a bomb on the one we actually live in.




I think that’s what you call taking your eye off the ball.


4 thoughts on “Back to Reality”

    1. Noodles has become alarmingly good at up-ending boxes of toys/books at a time, whilst Boo was playing Father Christmas. As I tidied this lot up, they then went upstairs and played ‘cooking’ all over Noodles’ room. Ah, the joys.

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