Dream Homes #2: One For the Family

As you travel into Norwich from the south-west there’s a road full of drool-worthy homes. The joy is that if you sit on the top deck of the Thickthorn park and ride bus you can ogle over the hedges and down the driveways to play the Oooh, Can You Imagine Living There game.

Norwich is a bit far out of the remit of our particular branch, but as our head office is based there I can still justify doing extensive drooling research of their properties. So my pick for this fortnight is:

195A Newmarket Road


I am a sucker for a period property, especially one with tall ceilings and original features. Although last fortnight I was dreaming of living alone, Newmarket Road would be ideal for the whole Gluestick family (although the drive to work would be a bit of a bugger for my dad, but if I had £1million to spend on a house (plus 4% stamp duty) he’d probably not have to worry about working any more as I must have won the lottery). A large garden for Boo and Noodles to play in – Boo could finally have a longed-for trampoline – and an Annexe for my dad so he could properly escape the screaming.

Obviously, in my lottery-win fantasy Eve and family wouldn’t have to join us (they could have a nice little pad of their own) but even with Boo and Noodles having huge bedrooms and a playroom on the first floor, almost self-contained with bedrooms two, three and five, bedroom four could be a guest bedroom/my office (all pretty and girlie and Pinterst-worthy) so family could stay. And Husband could tuck himself out of the way when working from home, with an office of his own on the second floor.


Plus there are plenty of features that tick my dream house boxes. A pantry that I would fill with shelves of dry goods decanted into glass jars. A utility room, so no more ironing cluttering up the kitchen table or vacuum with no proper home, waiting to be tripped over on the landing.

Dreams courtesy of Pinterest:

Pantry of glass jars.

An organised utility room.

Guest bedroom for family and visiting bloggers…

Complete with quiet spot for blogging purposes.

I’d change the kitchen a bit, although it’s already a million times better than what I have now.

But these are fantasies, so I may as well re-fit with blue-grey shaker cabinets.


And the master bedroom has an – eeeek! – DRESSING ROOM. Imagine how many shoes I could justify having!


Then there’s the fact that there’s a light and airy sitting room for during the day and a drawing room for the evening, which could be made all cosy and snug.*

*Because, again, this is fantasyland territory, so I’m assuming the kids will be asleep at an appropriate time each night and Husband and I will want to watch the same things on TV. Yeah, right.

Taupe and cream for a cosy drawing room, perhaps? Candles and blankets a must.

Lighter shades for the sitting room, me thinks.

Hmmm. Quite possibly I’ve thought about this a little too much. But, you never know. I could scoop £6million on the lottery tonight…if I remember to buy a ticket.

Besides, you gotta have a dream, right?

I should point out that I have been working hard too today. My first official day flying solo in the office, I got thanked by a client for being so prompt and proactive. (Little did they know I’m still largely winging it.) Plus I’ve finally learnt everyone’s name and got my email signature to work. I feel all official now and I LOVE it.



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