Boys & Girls #2: One Little Monkey Bouncing on the Bed


Having been raised in a family of girls and then having three girls myself, having Noodles brings with it new territories in parenting.

The girls, like myself, have always been cautious when it comes to physical stuff, having an awareness of risk and an aversion to breaking themselves. Even at the age of 2 Boo refused to bounce on a bed for a photo shoot because she knew she wasn’t normally allowed.

Noodles, on the other hand, seems to have no sense of the dangerous. He will dash down a street and out into the road given the opportunity. He’ll run, head first, into a patch of nettles. At the beach the sea calls to him its siren song and before we know it he’s wading out to sea fully clothed. (Hence all the photos of him with his backpack with the handle on). It was actually once Boo’s but she never had to wear it, preferring instead to hold my hand and stick to the path.

His favourite thing at the moment is jumping. At baby gym he’ll give the bouncy castle and trampoline a go, but his favourite is free-bouncing, i.e. jumping on all the furniture at home. The sofas are fun, my bed is all right but too big to be considered a risk, ditto his own bed with it lacking in the potential for a precarious fall.

No, his favourite place to bounce with unbounded glee is on Boo’s bed. High enough to risk damage in a fall and small enough for such a fall to be a likelihood, he loves it.


Which is why the first thing he did this morning was to pull the duvet from Boo’s bed and climb on to commence his bouncing programme.

‘If you fall off you’ll hurt yourself and then you’ll learn,’ Boo admonished.

Or not, as it turned out.

Whilst helping Boo dress we heard a ‘Whump!’ and an ‘Urgh!’

I turned around to see Noodles upside down, legs flailing, wedged between the bed and the futon.

(Being a good mum – in the loosest possible sense – I didn’t take a photo, instead plucking him from his incarceration…although I rather wish I had.)

Once free there were no tears. He dashed straight back up onto the bed again.

Then he climbed back down, shoving Boo’s pillows in the gap where he fell. Then back to uncontrolled jumping.

Boo was right, he did learn a lesson: the importance of PADDING! Sheesh.


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