Dream Homes #3: Through the Arched Window

The sunshine must have inspired a desire for change in people as the office was rushed off its feet today. A stream of enquiries, one after the other, although luckily there was still time for a cheeky cream cake mid-morning. (The bonus of being the Saturday girl is that I’m party to the sod-it-it’s-the-weekend goodies.)

By far and away the most interest was in this week’s Property of the Fortnight. My faith in the taste of the people of West Norfolk is alive and strong, as it is a lovely property that definitely befits the sunshine.

Millstone Cottage


Bright and sunny, yet full of warmth, the property consists of two adjoined cottages, built for sisters in 1881, that have been beautifully restored and updated into a beautiful family home.


In my mind, Husband could have the smaller annexe, whilst I’d have the larger cottage with Boo and Noodles. Well, it works for Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter. I’m sure it’d be an ideal situation for Husband and I too.

Or, when Boo and Noodles reach that annoying teen phase they could have the annexe and Husband and I could have the peace and quiet of having the main cottage to ourselves. God, I think that’s an even more attractive idea!!!


In the world of normal people though, the annexe would make a lovely low-maintenance holiday cottage to rent out or somewhere for other family or guests to stay without infringing on personal space.

Or, of course, you could just have it all to yourself. There’d be no arguments over what to watch on TV with two sitting rooms.


The whole house feels so fresh and tidy though, it wouldn’t be a hardship to hang out in any of the rooms, be it the kitchen:


…or the bedrooms…


…or the garden, which has lovely views over open countryside. Just gorgeous.


The village where it’s situated is gorgeous too, with a lovely primary school and a friendly atmosphere. (As a dance teacher it used to be one of my favourite classes to teach.) Plus, of course, there’s the more-than-hospitable local pub. A pub saved by the locals from redevelopment into something a lot less special. See, the locals are amazing (and clearly have their priorities in place!).


I don’t think this one will stay on the market for long. And I couldn’t be more pleased as the vendors are the nicest possible people, intent on playing fair within the property market. (Not something you always get.) I just hope the new owners will appreciate what a gem they’ll have bought.


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