Noodles’ Quest for Chocolate Buttons

The tin of chocolate buttons was empty. Yet there Noodles was, jumping up and down as a means of indicating his desire for a sugar fix (because there’s no better way, in his mind, of convincing someone that more sugar is needed than acting like someone who really should be cut off).

I needed to go to Sainsbury’s anyway, so a bag of buttons wouldn’t be a hardship to add to my basket. But then it was deemed desirable for Noodles to come along with me.

Such was the spontaneity of the trip that as the door (was hastily) shut behind us I had neither buggy nor reins. Just my bag and one headstrong toddler with chocolate on his mind.

I soon abandoned the intention of shopping for the evening meal and decided to focus on the chocolate buttons. Once happily back at home I could sneak out for the rest of the shopping, unwittingly leaving Grandy to babysit.

Having ridden up and down the escalators Noodles hit the supermarket at full pelt. I followed in his wake, curious to see how much of a chocolate-seeking missile he could be.

The chocolate buttons are located in aisle 7.

Noodles headed straight to the back of the store, stopping to identify our location in aisle 10.

He knew he was close, but wasn’t sure which direction to head in.

Me: You need number 7.

To my amazement he turned left.

Noodles: Num 9! Num 9!

But then, back to aisle 10.

Noodles: Num 10! Num 11!…Num 12!


We did the aisle counting all the way to aisle 23. Oh yes, I looked smug as Noodles loudly and correctly identified each of the numbers. (I’d love to claim
credit, but I’m sure it’s more attributable to his YouTube obsession, which has taught him letters, numbers, colours, shapes…and how to talk like the Annoying Orange.)

Thanks, YouTube, for all the educational stuff. But this? Really?

I promise we only headed down the booze aisle so gleefully because Noodles had spotted aisle 6 and not because it’s Mummy’s favourite part of the store.


Noodles: Num 6! Num 7! Num 7!!!

Manic Tigger-esque bouncing in front of the shelf of Cadbury’s giant chocolate buttons. So much happiness for just £2. If only all problems were so easily solved.


Yussain Bolt wouldn’t have made it to the check-outs any quicker, Noodles happy to post the £2 coin into the slot and devouring the chocolate on the way home.


On the plus side, it was the first supermarket trip we’ve had without tears for a while. On the negative side we also came away without anything to cook for dinner. Worse I fear I may have set an unfortunate precedent.

But I’m in it for the long game. Train him in how to shop for chocolate now and expand his repertoire over time.

Well, that’s the plan at least.


6 thoughts on “Noodles’ Quest for Chocolate Buttons”

  1. I logged on and pulled up my Reader here and saw Noodles….my thought was, “Oh, what’s Noodles up to today?” and gleefully rubbed my hands together. He is such a little imp. And how funny…I had to live the Annoying Orange obsession with my now-teen a couple of years ago…did not think I would make it through, but could now happily post you about a dozen and a half inch-high Annoying Orange, lemon, apple, marshmallow, pear, etc. figures if you want to continue the trend……

    Anyway, sounds like a good plan (or at least the only one that you have hope of working at this point…)

    1. An imp. What a great description of him!
      I’ll pass on the offer of figures, thanks. It’s bad enough that we can’t go past a normal fruit bowl/market stall without Noodles bursting into his ‘Hey, apple. Apple…’ routine. 🙂

  2. I have no idea who Annoying Orange is, but I’ll be looking him up tomorrow.

    Noodle’s amazing. I always underestimate my kids’ abilities to find what they want since I’m so often focused on what they need. Hence, Wise has no idea where his socks are stored, unless he wants to wear his cowboy boots and I tell him it’s a day for sandals.

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