Lessons from the Past


Noodles needs a haircut. Badly. It’s gone from (aspirations towards) cool mini surfer dude to nothing short of unkempt, Cousin Itt in the making. How he doesn’t just walk into things is beyond me.

But I still don’t think I can inflict the whirling dervish of him in Teeny-Sod-has-a-Tantrum mode on even the most professional of professionals. Besides, you know, nits! (If anyone knows how to get the eggs out of hair so very very fine, short of shaving it all off, please let me know. Even the most expensive of combs don’t come close.)

So, Noodles badly needs a haircut. But what he doesn’t need is a BAD haircut. And every time I think of tackling just his fringe I think of this:

My school photo circa 1980.

All I can think is what did my mum DO to me?! Had it seemed like a good idea at the time?!

Can I really responsible for inflicting similar on Noodles? Would he ever forgive me? Is sight actually necessary, never mind preferable to people pointing and laughing?

I feel the money I save on barber bills will have to be invested for future therapist payments.

All I can say, Noodles, is that even in advance I’m really really sorry.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from the Past”

  1. When our son was that age we tried giving him a lollipop while he was in the stylist’s chair to keep him occupied. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he soon had a hair-flavored lollipop as cut-off bits fell onto it. Not our brightest idea ever. -Amy

    1. Haha. Last time I made a similar mistake with a bag of chocolate buttons. Melted chocolate, hair and snot from the tantrum all over the barbers. Still, you live and learn. 😉

  2. Certainly your mother did not cut that hair…..you had to do that yourself…..please tell me a mother would not do that to her child and then send her for pix? (Oh, wait…….I seem to remember my own school pix file….with a very curly perm gone wrong….age about the same as yours there…) Yeah. Mothers. Right. Don’t even touch his hair. Perhaps show him old Addams Family shows and he’ll recognize himself and ask for a haircut? You could use this…put the fear of Itt into him!

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