Too Honest For My Own Fun


I missed a chance of a lifetime today. Ok, to have followed it through would have possibly – probably – ended in my arrest. But sometimes the little devil that sits on my shoulder whispers in my ear saying ‘Oooh, look at that. Whatcha gonna do about it?’


Thankfully, when it comes to illegal stuff my angel wins out (the devil’s usually too tired having convinced me to eat bad food, drink Coke and spend too much money on clothes to fight). Probably just as well when I saw this:


Keys left in the door of a neighbour’s car, that just happens to be an old taxi.

Who wouldn’t fancy taking a black cab for a bit of a joyride? I could sit in front of the partition spouting shallow judgement – a real-life version of my blog! What fun! I was tempted.

But as stolen vehicles go, I’d have been a pretty easy spot. It’s not like we live in London where I could have had a chance of blending in.


And as the highest speed I’ve experienced in a cab has been about 20mph in the capital I’m not sure if it’d be capable of escaping a police chase. It’d make a different episode of Traffic Cops, mind you.

But the devil on my shoulder lost out. I even considered taking the keys – just for safe-keeping – to stop anyone else from pinching the car, leaving a ransom note on the windscreen. At least I could have found out what it’s like to have a black cab as your family car. But I was going out so wouldn’t have been in if the owner needed his keys. I planned to take the keys (NOT the car) if it was still there, but it was gone by the time I got back.

I really hope it was the owner that took it. I’ll keep my eyes peeled when reading my local paper though, just in case.


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