Further Arguments for a Duplication Machine

What’s that, George? You’re upset that my last post was about Dance til Dawn, not From Dusk til Dawn.

Ok, any excuse to post a picture of you.


And, of course, if I really DID have a duplication machine, you, George, would be one of the first to go in it. There could never be such a thing as too much Clooney.

In which case, lets have another pic:



Seriously, scientists, can you PLEASE get on with cloning!!! Surely I’ve made my case well enough today. A help with chores and limitless George. Or maybe combine the two and have limitless George Clooneys who can do the chores? (He already knows how to make coffee after all.)


Come on, science guys. The world would be an infinitely better place.


11 thoughts on “Further Arguments for a Duplication Machine”

  1. One thing I wouldn’t replicate is hubby… Imagine having two slobs around 😀 how about a bit of Chris Hemsworth or maybe Daniel Craig (wait, let me fix his ears first before you replicate him)…..

    1. Daniel Craig wouldn’t be able to fit in the machine wearing clothes, obviously. What a shame there’d have to be multiple versions of him in this James Bond trunks. *Sigh*

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