Flaming June

Another month gone. Jeez!

Davros Teddy got to grips with his Bumbo seat. ..

…from where he’s been rather entranced with Wimbledon. Good boy.

It’s been a hard life for Husband. And that was before his trip to Brazil.

Salad has been dinner of choice.

Off to catch the bus. Again. Which would be ok if we didn’t have to walk out of town and then pay to get back home.

Hand-jiving – on stage! Eeek! – with the jazz classes. Thank God I was put at the back!

Be careful what you type in when searching ‘Removing nail varnish from leather.’ Thanks for jumping the gun there, Google. Definitely NOT what I was after!

Boo really wasn’t impressed with her new school uniform. And that’s with us still to tackle the issue of having to wear a tie!

Afternoon shadow on the sand.

Well, if it means I don’t have to endure the sodding World Cup myself, then yes. Go!

I lost my glasses. I think Noodles may have had something to do with it after reading some Calvin and Hobbes.

But it was a good excuse to buy some new ones.

Boo’s pics get edited at her No Added Sugar shoot. It’ll be nearly a year til we see the results though!

Her red plimsoles wait for a moment in the spotlight.

Cool diner on site. But the shoot was so well catered we didn’t need any more feeding.

Wise words.

Cutie pie.

Favourite pin this month.

Teddy envies Noddles’ abundant locks, so tries to fashion his own.

Noodles’ temperature on Friday night. Half an hour later he was bouncing around like Tigger again. Thanks, Calpol!

I don’t know where Indy found a goat to sacrifice, but the traffic on Saturday couldn’t have been better.

I’m still not sure how we got everything in my car though. Let alone how we managed it by 9.45am!

Still, the early start was worth it to see these two dance. I conclude that Flavia Cacae is made purely of helium and rubber.

Wimbledon fortnight and Glastonbury weekend. But of course it was going to rain. And, boy, did it rain!

Husband’s luggage finally made it home, complete with cute t-shirt for Noodles…

…and Havaianas flip-flops for me. Sometimes he doesn’t get it wrong. Sometimes. πŸ˜‰


14 thoughts on “Flaming June”

  1. I can’t picture Davros with hair!!! The Havis (that’s what they’re called here at least) are mighty perty and will make your feet beautiful πŸ˜‰
    Glad I read your post, it made me giggle quietly (I’m at work) and I needed a giggle.

  2. Some fabulous images here~ I really like the “Afternoon Shadow” ~ the very cool “Diner” with the Pepsi logo … and the Havaianas~ I LOVE MINE!! (You’ve inspired me~ I just may post an image or two of mine πŸ™‚ ) ❀

    1. She’s so unimpressed. I think she realises that a change of uniform colour and the introduction of compulsory ties do not a new school make. And thus she resents that she’ll no longer wear her favourite colour to school. She hates anything at her neck, so even though the ties are clip-on I think we’re going to see that face A LOT next term. :-/

  3. Love! I would like to see more pictures/video of this hand jive thing… πŸ˜‰ lol. And I am so glad your husband came back with souvenirs. I was frightened for his life!!! Love seeing pics of the family. I’m assuming the baldy is the grandson you speak of? lol.

    1. It was definitely a shrewd move on Husband’s part. Although I don’t actually wear a lot of pink, so they clash with my entire wardrobe.
      Believe me, you DON’T want to see our hand jive. ‘How low can you go?’ Not so very far these days, as it turns out. LOL
      And the baldy is indeed my grandson. He even makes my dad look hirsute. At least Eve won’t have to cross the haircut bridge with him any time soon.

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