A Good Sport vs Good at Sport


Ah, sports day. Where small children brazenly battle for stickers whilst competitive parents pretend to cheer on other people’s kids. Everyone cheers the kid in last place for trying, whilst inwardly pleased it’s not their kid.

Yep, be pleased other parents. We’ve saved you from having to shrug off defeat because that child at the back…that’s MY kid.

Ironic, really, that she’s the child representing sporting activities in the school brochure.


There the face of sports was coming last in the sprint, last in the sack race, last in the egg and spoon race, last in the beanbag race…second to last in the obstacle race. Her team possibly came third in the relay, but as none of the children knew when to stop passing the baton it all got somewhat confusing and to all intents and purposes was declared null and void.

To be fair to Boo, I’m possibly to blame for her lack of sporting prowess. Personally I reached my sporting pinnacle at the age of 5, when by some twist of fate I won the Draw Your Daddy race (an event that’s not likely to appear at the Olympics any time soon…and actually its appearance at school sports day is unlikely due its high can-of-worms potential). It was a relief in my last year of primary school when I broke my arm roller-skating so didn’t have to suffer the humiliation of only participating in the team game on sports day – the one event aimed at the sporting-inepts. Which was just a big mistake as it involved catching and throwing, which none of us could do. Yep, having to wear a plaster cast in the searing heat was infinitely preferable. At high school I took Latin to GCSE level to get out of cross country. Now 6, Boo may have peaked last year when she won the obstacle race. Genetics are a bugger.

BUT, what Boo has in her favour, is her attitude. Whilst other kids got sulky when they didn’t win…or even when they’d swept the board but then got bored…Boo had a smile on her face all morning. In her mind she’d got to spend the morning out in the sunshine, chatting to her friends and cheering them on and got a bunch of stickers for her efforts.

I could only get a picture of the sun, rather than any of the sporting activity as, due to ‘child protection issues’ we weren’t allowed to photograph the kids. Although the school are happy to SELL us photos at a later date. EXTORTION issues more like!

Boo’s face when she finished the Egg and Spoon race was a picture. Big grin, thumbs up. She may have finished a good 5m behind everyone else, but she couldn’t have been happier. Later: ‘Did you see? I didn’t drop it once! I’m just like Lola!’


All I can say is, thank you, Lauren Child.

And, to be honest, I don’t care about the winning. I was proud of her anyway. Seeing her happy was better than a t-shirt full of 1st stickers. Suck on that, competitive parents. MY child enjoyed herself. What more can you want than that?


8 thoughts on “A Good Sport vs Good at Sport”

    1. She gave it her best, but really isn’t athletic. But her attitude to the whole thing couldn’t have been better. Not everyone can win everything and it’s an important lesson to learn (a lesson a lot of Premier League football clubs/fans could do with learning). Yes, very proud of her.

      1. That’ll be my aspiration when I run the Race for Life later this month. I may look like I’m dying during the event, but at least I’ll get a medal. The things I’ll do for shiny metal is scary.

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