A tip for Husband: when you break a mirror, particularly a full-length one, like you did on Saturday, make sure you vacuum up ALL of the broken glass!

Needless to say he didn’t, which is how come this morning I came to send him this text:


Typically I was running late getting Boo ready for school and was then confronted with the task of pulling glass from my foot and bleeding all over the bathroom floor. Naturally, all of the plasters were downstairs. But of course.

I thought when someone broke a mirror it was 7 years of bad luck for them. I didn’t think it was transferable. Just my luck.


8 thoughts on “Superstition”

  1. Ugh…..that text message just HURTS! I mean it actually made me wince. Sorry about your foot! On upside, however, perhaps this will entitle you to special services to be performed by husband due to your MAJOR WOUND NOT OF YOUR OWN MAKING? Yes, am thinking perhaps he should be letting you GET SOME REST to promote healing and MAKE DINNER to protect your foot from strain of hobbling around kitchen and who knows what else you can come up with….Yes, if you didn’t “cash in” on him getting a break (World Cup trip) and you holding down the fort, then definitely this one deserves many plaudits and services.

    1. The actual wound is quite minor (a Peppa Pig plaster has sufficed)…but I’m thinking, for the benefits of his guilt, it might be worthy of a bandage by this evening. 😉
      (But obviously be all better by Saturday when I’ll want to wear my nice shoes for work.)

    1. He did apologise. I feel he’d have been more sorry had he been the one pulling the glass from my foot.
      He’d have definitely made a bigger fuss if it had been him.

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