Dream Homes #4: Georgian Charms

A quiet day in the office today. Unless you count the accordion-playing, Morris dancing clowns that pranced by, just as a colleague was heading back from a viewing:

‘Oh my God! Make the clowns STOP! Why do they have to get all up in your face like that?! Eugh!’

Oh, the joys of the local festival. Apparently it’s one of Europe’s largest non-ticketed free festivals. Sometimes you’d rather pay if it stopped the clowns and the Morris dancing.

Perhaps it was the dancing clowns that deterred people from venturing our way. Or maybe they’d been sidetracked by the storm trooper playing with bubbles outside the toy shop.

To be honest, I’m not convinced they’re regulation storm trooper shoes. Maybe that’s why he’s armed only with a bubble gun rather than a light sabre.

Still, the lull meant that I had more time to peruse the latest properties added to our books. The choice this week hasn’t been easy. But I am a sucker for a house with history, so my choice this time is:

Leverington House


From the outside its definitely not your run-of-the-mill shoebox. You could easily float around the garden as Lady of the Manor. Ok, it’s only got 4 bedrooms, but if the budget doesn’t extend to staff who wants a plethora of rooms to dust?


Besides, if first impressions count, the Georgians certainly knew how to make a good first impression. As entrance halls goes this is none too shabby (helped both by fabulous dimensions and plenty of behind-the-scenes storage):


Mind you, it’s not as though the gorgeousness stops at the door. Light pours into the property through the most amazing windows:


But the property had all the warmth you could want of a family home too. The sort of kitchen that begs to be congregated in…

Pale blue kitchens do seem to be THE colour for up-market Norfolk property.


…a cosy snug for those nights curled up on the sofa…


…and beautiful, airy bedrooms, perfect for Sunday breakfast in bed, surrounded by the Sunday papers.


The garden would be ideal to set the children loose in, with more than enough room to accommodate a trampoline and maybe a playhouse to match the summer house?


…and plenty of space for garden games.


Come time for Hide and Seek, mind you, you would a most guarantee I could be found on the patio (wine glass in hand).


And with it’s rural setting you wouldn’t be disturbed by the raucous of the festival carrying across town on the wind. Which, right now, would definitely be a blessing. I can’t say I’m too familiar with Aswad’s back catalogue, but by the end of the night in pretty sure I will be.


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      1. LOL ~ You know if I could attach a photo to a comment I took the most hysterical superhero photo today at the mall …. Batman and Robin Hood …Im not sure who put that combination together LOL

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