Summer Highs: July Round-Up

‘Sunny days, everything’s a-okaaay.’ July has been a rather lovely month. It’s a shame then that schools were still in for the first three weeks and August isn’t meant to be as nice. Boo’s birthday in the park could be a rather soggy affair. Here’s hoping otherwise though, otherwise I’ll be squeezing 30 kids into my house for TinkerBell fun. Please let the weathermen be wrong!

But anyway, this happened:

So, we’re sat in the sports centre café after baby gym, watching Mr Bloom on CBeebies.

The credits scroll…and into the café walks the actual real life Mr Bloom!!! ‘Heya, Tiddlers!’ My kids now think the telly can come to life at any moment! Surreal moment of the year.

Felix earned a sports day sticker.

The purchase of front row tickets for Dance Til Dawn at Christmas. I am obsessed. It’s official.

Boo for No Added Sugar. Got to wait til spring 2015 to be able to by the dress though. #notgoodatwaiting

When it did rain, boy, did it rain! Massive puddle on the way to dancing. Trainers are very much NOT waterproof.

Everyone LOVES Noodles’ new Pantone Colours book. Turns out there are a lot more than 100 colours, Dove. Mind you, in the small print in the ad, Dove admits that they tested the deodorant on 120 colours, surely implying it left white marks on 17% of your clothes. Not good, Dove.

Ah, you can’t beat driving in the countryside in summer…except for the agony of caravans spoiling it all.

Noodles wasn’t overly impressed with the concept of the party hat.

Google, your guesses at what I’m after are just SCARY! (I wanted to know if women could compete in the Tour de France.)

Boo, about to play Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk at the school summer fiesta.

Teddy meets the next-door neighbour’s grandson.

Having fun on the spinning tea cups.

Pah to thigh gap.

Lovely words from Boo’s headmistress.

One proud little girl at completing her reading challenge at school.

One proud me, having completed the Race for Life

See what happens when you make families feel unwelcome?

Boom, Disney!

July’s Noodles selfie.

Mmmm, paella.

Look who made it onto Badminton
UK’s website! 😊 You can read it here (my original post) or here (on their website).

Paddling pool fun.

I got there before you, Jade Jagger! I take it, with Teddy of similar age to his Uncle Noodles, I am officially cool?

And talking of Teddy:

Too cute. Man, he loves that monkey. (Eve, I think you’d better buy a spare in case the original gets lost. Just remember Jemima Puddleduck! Don’t put yourself in that situation of utter despair!)

I wish Eve knew how to make the clothes she designs.

My lucky Monsoon sale bargain dress. Getting to chat with the big BIG boss at work (with no warning!) resulting in an invitation to a day at the Park Lane offices in London AND doing my first viewing with 20 minutes’ notice (with big BIG boss sat in front of me!) I was incredibly glad I chose to wear it yesterday.

Making chocolate brownies.


And incase I haven’t bored you with my photos, you can now find me on Instagram.



10 thoughts on “Summer Highs: July Round-Up”

  1. So glad you’ve summarised July for me…… I’ve been a tad busy with moving from one side of the country to the other and I’ve really missed smiling/laughing through your posts at the end of my day. Not sure I’m going to be able to read back through everything I’ve missed, but hope I can keep up to date with the Gluestick household from now on again.

      1. Well,… seems I have found out alot of women have husbands like yours……90% work ethic. OMG. But they have no chance against me…I am determined they will do my bidding! Other than that, just exhausted….every day another mountain to climb…but am able to walk through hallways at both locations now, so I guess that is progress! Thanks for asking!

      2. Hah!…..who has time to become a billionaire? I’m just trying to get through the days over here! 🙂 Being a billionaire overrated anyway…… (okay, I know, I know).

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