Spot the Difference

The following is an email I’ve just sent to RMS International, who seemingly think it’s ok to diddle their customers by passing two things off as the same thing. As these customers are, by and large, children, this seems to me to be particularly bad form (even if most Loomz bands end up sucked up the Hoover having been scattered around the floor. But it’s the principle, hence the complaint.

Hi there,

Imagine the scenario: you’re buying party favours for your daughter’s birthday. You’re shopping with said daughter and a toddler in tow. You want 10 packets of Loomz bands (because what 7-year-old girl doesn’t love the elastic band craze at the moment?), preferably something that matches the Fairy theme. You go to The Entertainer, looking at the Loomz display, trying to stop your toddler from escaping out of the door, or your daughter from trying to get other things in the basket.

You spot packets of Glitter bands on a hook amongst the display. Perfect! You grab 10 packets from the hook and go to the till. You pay £1 each for the packs. (You then drag the kids, whingeing around Sainsbury’s, but that’s by-the-by, but highlights that shopping isn’t necessarily a time for careful, contemplative purchasing.)

You then sort the party bags…and you realise that not all of the packets ARE the same. Despite being the same size and same packaging you discover that give of the packets contain ‘300 bands, 24 s-clips and hook’ whilst the other packets only contain ‘250 bands and 15 s-clips.’


How do you feel? Disproportionately diddled perhaps? A tad annoyed? I do. I know that it’s only a matter of pennies, but over those five packets I’ve lost out on 250 bands, 45 s-clips and 5 hooks. Moreover, I’ve unintentionally now been unfair to my daughter’s party guests.

I know it’s only a small matter, but when an international company is playing games of Spot the Difference with kids, well, that’s really not playing fair.

Kind regards


PS Just as a heads-up I will also be posting this letter on my blog,


12 thoughts on “Spot the Difference”

  1. And don’t even get me started on what ARGOS have done today!!! Maybe that’ll be a post for later tonight, depending on how it plays out. Grrrr. Don’t mess with GSM!

    1. I had a lovely email back from them by lunchtime that didn’t tell me to get a life. Which was kind.
      Having an extra reader would be the icing, mind you.
      And I swear I don’t even realise I use ‘whilst’, but each one is for you, LMM.

    1. Thank you.
      Appropriate though, as there I was getting all bothered about 250 sodding elastic bands. If I’d stopped by The Entertainer and spent £1 more I could have sorted 90% of my grievance out. But sometimes firing off a couple of grumpy emails feels better.

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