And breathe…


It’s been a long few days.  A busy few days.  Busy weeks even.  I thought summer holidays were about lazy days and fun?  Only if you’re in the school system I guess.  Otherwise it’s so much more than normal, but with additional guilt for not making the most of the time the kids have got off school.  Bad mum, working, leaving them to laze in their pjs and zone out on various tablets (of the technological sort, that is – drugging my kids as I go off to work would make me a REALLY bad mum – although the effect is pretty much the same, I guess, only with less intervention from social services).

I feel I’ve deserted you too, my lovely Pressers (is that what we are?) and I promise to catch up with you soon.  But for the moment sleep is my precious and there’s little enough of it to go round.  Only a couple of ,more weeks and things will go back to normal.  Well, normal for the Gluestick house, which is probably not normal by others’ standards.

But I do want to catch up on a few things before you fear I’ve cashed in my Mum Points (I’m not sure I’ve written about my Mum Points before – one for my To Blog list) and headed off for the call of a child/Husband-free life spent in a hammock overlooking the ocean/been committed (which is probably more likely to happen than the hammock thing to be honest).


Our second Mr Bloom encounter of the summer.

Not wanting to jinx things, but it seems Noodles may be coming out of the Tunnel of Toddler Hell  This summer we’ve had not one, but TWO days out that haven’t resulted in him a) having an epic, ear-shattering meltdown or b) just wanting to potter around the outskirts of wherever we’re at, playing in the dirt.  And actually I managed to spend a day at a festival without a) having an epic meltdown or b) just wanting to potter round the outskirts avoiding the dirt.  But it was a kids’ festival (festival-lite) – Lollibop at Hatfield House – and our genetically strong bladders meant we didn’t have to use the portaloos, but it was a genuinely fantastic day.  Boo and Noodles got to see their favourite kids’ TV presenters (Mr Bloom possibly now thinks we’re stalking him…or Noodles now thinks Mr Bloom is stalking us!) they got involved in wand-making, story-telling, pom-pom creating and fleecing Husband and I out of extortionate amounts of cash for chips and ice cream.  


It was just a shame Husband was the stick-in-the-mud.  Leaving home for a festival that’s a 2 hours’ drive away three minutes before the gates opened meant that we missed a chunk that included Boo’s very VERY favourite TV characters, because a) apparently I’m the only person out of Husband and I who can wrangle the kids, getting them dressed and fed and packing up everything in the world and b) no matter what time we’re due to go anywhere he will always make us wait to leave the house whilst he has a last minute poo!!!  Could he not manage the poo at the same time I’m sorting out everything else?!?!  (OK, it would only have saved us minutes, but it’s EVERY. TIME. and it makes me want to roar at him, which is not the best atmosphere for kicking off a nice family day out.)

And then, once we’re there, he has to flit about, changing our collective plans every second.  ‘Let’s got to the story tent!…Oh, let’s do some craft activities on the way!…Actually, shall we get some candyfloss?’  And if there’s one thing that gets Boo in a tizzy it’s the flitting.  For the sake of saving tears if the original idea is to go to the story tent, then let’s go to the story tent, then do some crafts and then get candyfloss.

And on the topic of food, it’s surely not nice to abandon your wife with the kids under the auspices of getting Noodles a second cone of chips and coming back with lunch for yourself, but nothing for your wife and THEN declaring on the way home that we needn’t stop for anything to eat because YOU’VE eaten already.  

But apart from that, it was a lovely day.  Next time I shall be tempted to leave Husband behind though.


IMG_5592So, the British summer can be sunny, albeit with a spattering of rain, just to elevate the tension as we all sat down to our picnic lunch.  But thankfully the second attempt at Boo’s birthday party was a success and everyone had a great time, not least of all Boo (no tears until the end of the party is a MAJOR step forward!).  OK, I had to make all the sandwiches and cakes all over again (…whilst Husband lazed in until 11 o’clock, because it was a Sunday), I had to organise the party bags for a second time and I exhausted myself entertaining a clutch of children for a couple of hours AGAIN (I can only thank whoever decided that parachutes made great play equipment from the bottom of my heart)…and I think I managed to re-break my toe (tip: if you have a recovering broken toe, chasing after small children whilst wearing flip flops is NOT a good idea – I swear I heard it crunch!).  But the smile on Boo’s face was worth the time, the energy, the money…and the pain.

Typically she already has plans for next year: a vintage garden tea party…again in the park!  I’m putting my order in for sunny weather NOW!  (Anyone know what sacrifices I need to make?  Maybe I should consult Indy. I don’t suppose I could sacrifice Husband rather than a goat, could I?)



I sold a house today!  My first!  BOOM! But more of that tomorrow, I think.  I really need to sleep.







11 thoughts on “And breathe…”

  1. Well, I am so glad to hear from you on here! You have been missed! Am wondering how in the world you ever find time to post at all with husband like yours ! (Of course, mine no better right now since he is in different state!) You are definitely the gluestick in your family! That much is obvious. But what wonderful memories you make for your children! Am so impressed at 2nd party and even more impressed that you would rebreak a toe (albeit unintentionally) to make that happen and still find a way to sound cheery and upbeat on here AND sell a house! You really are amazing. Fingers crossed for you that Noodles is indeed on his way out the other side of the toddler tunnel…….although…..if he takes after your husband, is this going to be a good thing?

  2. Oh my but you’re all newsy shmoozy today! So, have you considered playing the Katie Perry song, “Roar” a lot around the house. Maybe husband will get the idea that you are going to really cause a huge upRoar if he doesn’t shape up fast! And I think parachutes are great party savers and am requesting a photo of that. Very sorry to hear about your toe again. Looking forward to the House sale report – – congrats GSM!

  3. Wow, what a fully packed week!!!! Well done I say. I am so glad the party went well and Boo had a great time. All these achievements despite the Husband. 😀 Hmm, now that you’ve sold a house (congrats!!!!!), maybe you want to work on selling the Husband??? Let me know if you are successful, so I can get you to put mine up for sale too. 😛

  4. Congrats on selling the house! Also, what is it about men and their poo habits? It drives me crazy sometimes… If he is just going in to play on his phone for 30 minutes 3 times a day, at least be honest… Don’t say it’s because you are having tummy troubles every day. Hahaha, I think you hit a nerve, okay mini rant over. Oops haha

    1. Haha. That’s too funny. Say you’re concerned about his persistent dodgy stomach and book him a doctor’s appointment. Hint that there might need to be an exploratory examination or something. Should keep his extended loo breaks in hand for a bit. 😉

  5. That’s so great that you sold a house – it must be a wonderful feeling! Your husband sounds an awful lot like mine, with the last minute poo (with mine it could be anything from a poo to clipping his toenails, paying a bill, or changing the oil in the car. Not kidding.). And then the flitting from place to place and changing the plans constantly…every outing or trip turns into an argument and hurt feelings. I have to try and be kind because for my husband it all stems from very serious, uncontrolled ADHD. But most – make that all – of the time I’m not kind at all – just furious.

    1. Ah, the joys of marriage – when the little things build up over years into seething resentment and hurt. I know we love them really, but, Jeez, til death do us part seems like a crazy deal sometimes. Kind is very hard to find long-term.

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