Squeaky Floorboard


Felix is 2 years and 8 months old today. By my calculations, that’s 942 days old.

If we say he’s woken up on average twice a night, I’ve crept out of his room approximately 1884 times over that time.

So how come I still haven’t worked out how to get past the squeaky floorboard on the landing outside his room?!?!

Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep last night.



11 thoughts on “Squeaky Floorboard”

  1. Why haven’t you learned yet? Let me ask a question just based on a hunch I have….when you were a teenager and you got back too late…..did you always get caught or were you able to sneak in with no one the wiser? Hmmm…..just thinking

    1. Oh, good point!
      Although I was lighter and more nimble back then.
      Or maybe it was due to the inebriated state I’d be in? Although I’m not sure excessive drinking would be in my favour.

  2. Blech…. Sorry. On the upside, (from that picture) it looks like you could start a new dance craze (you’ve got the steps down, no doubt) so forget the mashed potato and the twist. Do The Creek! I love that it’s spelled like that and not Creak. Now, go nap.

  3. Noodles sounds a lot like my Huw (now 20, so we did survive…just). He would wake to a pin drop, this led to us having a merry dance (think Ministry of Silly Walks) trying to avoid all the sqeaking boards in our 100 year old house, glad no-one was filming!!!

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