Grown-Up Kicks

Today is Husband’s and my 10th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we fled from work and the kids and headed to the bright lights of London.

When everything’s been about working and parenting, chores and not getting enough sleep by half, having a full 24 hours alone together and one of the world’s best cities at our feet was bliss, but guilt-inducing, an abundance of options, but a desire just to crash. Not really being able to drink solidly for a complete day and night and no distraction of the kids, would we have enough to talk about?

The guilt didn’t last long. About as long as it took to step across the threshold of Room 11 of the Zetter Townhouse, funnily enough. I swear luxury hotel rooms have magical properties. I suspect it may have something to do with marshmallow-soft pillows and pristine bathrooms.

Things to love about a city escape:

• A different view.


Looking out across the city, The Shard in the distance. The city at our feet. But the ability to do as much or as little as we want. Too exciting.

• The ability to visit the grown-up attractions.

Not that I necessarily always understand them, mind you. But we opted for some culture at Somerset House.


A fireplace of cushions may not have been Husband’s thing (he doesn’t understand the need for cushions on a sofa after all, let alone spilling across the floor as art)…


…but the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition was amazing.


• Getting dressed up


• Dining out


A Wednesday night is instantly transformed into fabulous when it includes a champagne.

• Cocktails


Just bring on the booze!

• A blissful night’s sleep


I actually slept so deeply and well I’d recharged by 4am. Still, just being cocooned in crisp, clean cotton was heavenly.

• Breakfast in bed


Particularly as I rarely get breakfast let alone combined with a lie-in.

• Wallowing in a tub


Although why are the baths increasingly put in the bedroom? What’s that about? Maybe it’s sexy when it involves young, nubile, lithe bodies…but when middle-age is creeping up, better to keep it behind a closed door.

• REN miniatures


And yes, I did snaffle them into my suitcase. Obviously.

• Taxidermy boxing kangaroo in the hotel’s dining room


Ok, that was maybe a little odd.

And, as ever, it was all Husband’s fault. But in a good way this time. Miracles can happen. I blame the hotel room. Literally magical, I tell you.

Funnily enough, with a tiny, or as I prefer, ‘select’ readership, I was in no way bribed to share my enjoyment of the Zetter Townhouse. All opinions are my own. HOWEVER, I’m not above bribery if any luxury hotels ever fancy giving me a freebie stay in return for flattering comments.


15 thoughts on “Grown-Up Kicks”

  1. Wow! The Gluestick Mum all grown up? I love it! But what yon is that look in husband’s eyes? Why does he seem a bit fearful? :0 Just kidding. I am so glad you grabbed the brass ring and Happy 10th!

    1. Husband is THAT OLD that he still believes a camera steals your soul when you have your photo taken.
      Plus I think it was his first ever selfie. He doesn’t always cope well at being dragged into the 21st century.

    1. I do love Somerset House. Mostly I only get as far as fountain-frolicking with the kids in the courtyard, so it was nice to get to see some of the things inside for a change.

  2. Happy 10th! Decadence in honor of making a Decade, huh? I love that fireplace pillow thing…I know there is symbolism in there somehow! You are such a youngster–quit talking about middle age! Who watched the kids? Also I miss you on my blog. Come give me your opinion in my latest selfie piece… I think I may have said something offensive??

    1. I’ll come by your blog later on, Steph. Husband is off pretending to be hip and young at the Reading festival this weekend, but it means I can read into the night without anyone moaning about the glow from my phone/my incessant giggling at your writing.
      Can’t wait to have a monster catch-up. 🙂
      I wish I’d thought of ‘Decadence for a Decade.’

  3. Ooh that looks absolutely lovely. Cocktails, breakfast in bed, a spot of grown up culture – you sure know how to make a girl jealous! Our wedding anniversary is coming up so maybe I need to start dropping some hints. X

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