A Basic Styling Error

Now September’s here and it appears that the weathermen lied about the Indian summer we were told to expect, things are a tad less balmy in the office. It’s disappointing.

And so today I wore my sleeveless navy turtleneck shift dress and teamed it with a navy cardigan that I kept taking off then putting back on, unable to reach a happy medium of warmth.

But that wasn’t necessarily the mistake.

Being inherently lazy, particularly first thing, I unwisely chose not to wash my hair this morning. Batiste dry shampoo wouldn’t exist without people like me, so I know I’m not alone, so I just sprayed, brushed and swept it back with a bit of body at the front to stop me from looking like the manky, lanky, greasy skank that I was.

Natural make-up and a pair of heels and I was good to go.

As I checked myself out in the mirror my reflection reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Not until I got home at least. At which point it struck me: ‘OMG! I LOOK LIKE SHARON STONE IN THAT SCENE IN BASIC INSTINCT!!!’


(Only fatter and less attractive, obviously.)

No wonder a male colleague had been looking at me funnily all day as I sat on my swivel chair!!!

I would like to clarify at this point that I may have foregone washing my hair, but I definitely DIDN’T forego my underwear!

Although that may be a mute point in the mind of my male colleague. Besides which, demonstrating that I AM fully clothed would probably only replicate things further. Not good.

It won’t be a styling combination repeated any time soon mind you.


7 thoughts on “A Basic Styling Error”

    1. Of all the cinematic icons I could have inadvertently copied! Although I probably would have raised a few more eyebrows if I’d gone for Dorothy-inspired gingham or a King and I style crinoline.
      Nevertheless, I think demure might be the order of the day on Monday.
      I suppose at least it wasn’t white.

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