The Joy of Sechs


By and large it’s a joy to watch your children learn and to relish their learning.

By and large it’s a joy to watch your child embrace a new language, excited by new words.

By and large…but not always.

‘I can count up to 12 in German,’ Boo informed me whilst we walked through the parked this afternoon. ‘My favourite is five – fünf. It’s funny to say.’

‘It is funny to say, isn’t it. I like funny words.’

‘Six is pretty funny too.’

I can see where this is heading!

‘Sechs. It’s like ‘sex’. It’s rude.’

‘Rude does make a word funny, doesn’t it.’

I want to be a mum who can make the rude something that can be discussed rather than something shameful.

‘What is sex?’


And I know I shall never be that mum as I desperately try to fudge the issue.

But why do they always ask the awkward questions when we’re out of doors and in public?!

In the end we settle for a special mummy and daddy cuddle that makes babies that they do with no clothes on. It makes her giggle.

And to be honest it makes me giggle too.

Because ‘sex’ is a bit rude and rude will always be funny.

My betting is that she’ll never forget that sechs is six in German any more that she’ll forget that fünf is five.

Funny things, languages. But that is part of the joy.


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Sechs”

  1. Hahahaha…just like “embarrassado” doesn’t actually mean “embarrassed.” There are infinite opportunities for embarrassment (though rarely for impregnation) in learning a new language.

  2. So funny, and thank you for being honest about getting embarrassed. I’ve had to force myself to become more comfortable discussing sex with my kids (having four will do that to you, plus who knows what you’ll end up discussing with adult kids) but it’s still not my favorite thing, especially since I have mostly boys. I’m good talking with my daughter now- I so badly wanted to raise her without the kind of shame I was raised with, so we talk openly and I’m glad for it.

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