First Kiss


After her ‘the broken down car is a sign that I shouldn’t go back to uni’ wobble, Indy has indeed gone back to uni. Hoorah! I spent today driving her down to Reading (my car having mercifully been fixed – double hoorah!) and feeding her up before doing the abandoning-a-puppy thing.

The tears this time have possibly only come from her new landlady as Indy has already accidentally melted plastic in her microwave. Marvellous.

But it seems that whilst Mumma Cat has been away one little mouse has come out to play.

Eve: Boo kissed a boy. Boo kissed a boy.

And so, it seems, she did. At soft play, having run around with him for a couple of hours holding hands. A toy boy too (estimates put him at 5 or 6). And she didn’t even know his name!

Boo: He did tell me, but he was younger than me and I didn’t catch what he said.

I’m not sure I approve.

It also means she’s not likely to see him again. But isn’t fleeting romance the best kind?


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