Night Sailors

Strange things happen after dark in our town. And I’m not (just) talking about the drunks that stumble off the late trains and bawl and brawl their way to the bars in town.

Our customs house has taken on a rather unusual nocturnal personality. Which is a tad disconcerting if you happen to be one of the bawling, brawling drunks. One second a beautiful projection of fields of corn or rocks lapped with ripples of water…the next looming gargoyle faces with glowing red eyes spewing corn or doused in flames or blood.


Needless to say Boo loves it!

“Look at its glowing red eyes! Get a picture with its eyes open!” she squealed.


Apparently it’s meant to represent our town’s history, drawing on ‘the town’s role as a cradle of development for deep sea navigation in the Middle Ages.’ Which is probably just as well. If they represented its present the gargoyles would just be spewing. I don’t think it would be an improvement.



5 thoughts on “Night Sailors”

    1. It was crazy to watch! Pretty scene, pretty scene – Oh Holy cow! What IS that?!?! – ah, pretty scene…and so on until Noodles started to cry. I may have to pay for counselling when he’s older.

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