So That’s September Done Then

‘How many days til Christmas?’ Boo asked.

So I worked it out. ‘Ninety-eight.’

Gulp. And that’s the trouble with September. The end of the year seems suddenly a bit too close, especially when it only seems like a heartbeat since we were counting 98 days until Boo’s birthday.

Obviously Boo immediately wrote her Christmas list. Maybe I should make the most of the early order and save myself scrabbling around for sold out Frozen dolls in mid-December. Although I bet I won’t. Obviously.

There’s been more to the month that sees the shift from flip-flops to knee-high boots. Such as…

The summer holidays drew to a close with poppies…

…and fountains.

Noodles wasn’t too impressed at getting a soaking.

A brand new uniform for a new school term. The grin is even bigger this week as she’s Star of the Week.

Boo also found out that she’d passed her ballet exam. Yay! (And I’m glad my clumsiness on the other side of the door didn’t spoil things after all.)

Things you learn not to do twice: catch your leg on the filing cabinet. Ouch!

The fridge decided it was The Bahamas…

…although the ice in the bottom suggested something quite different. (Remember, that’s NOT the freezer!) Time for a new fridge, I think!

‘Enjoy the rest of your journey,’ said Birchanger services. Not when your car’s broken down in the car park.

Five days later the car was on its way home again. Hoorah! (And it turned out NOT to be the head gasket, so was less hideous a fix. Double hoorah!)

Especially as it meant that Indy got to go back to uni.

She also came to a bit of a realisation:


As for work, I now have infinitely less glamorous surroundings:

No more millionaire mansions. *Sigh* But I do have an amazing bunch of colleagues…

…and an I-can-take-you-on dress, bought with the gains of a particularly harsh day at work.


In random news, Boo’s potato had a face in it:


And it seems Boo’s not the only one already preparing for Christmas:


And thus I shall go into denial about the forthcoming excessive spending, as usual. Instead I’ll look forward to all that October has to offer first. Including a trip to Disneyland Paris. Any tips for quelling the desire of a 2-year-old to run and scream on a far-too-long coach trip would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “So That’s September Done Then”

  1. Oh, that’s a pretty good September, I must say (except the car and the bruise)! And Disneyland Paris? Do I sense a Family Days Out post coming next month? (rubs hands together in anticipated glee!) Can’t wait!

    1. Oh, I have a feeling Disneyland could be an EPIC Family Days Out post. Queues, bad weather, small children, long coach journeys, early mornings and late nights and enforced happiness – but I know I will love it despite it all. Disney really is magic, cos anywhere else I’d be throwing in the towel.

    1. Well, apart from the bruising. But even having a morning to myself waiting for the AA man was quite nice. I don’t normally get a chance to read the Sunday papers on an actual Sunday otherwise. Maybe I should breakdown more often?

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