The Scariest Part of Halloween

Mercifully Halloween’s not a big deal in the UK. Or at least we have the back-out clause of at claiming it’s not biggie as an excuse for our pitiful attempts at placating the kids’ desire to copying the Americans.

Still, yesterday was pretty scary.

But not because I sat up until 2am carving pumpkins in a way that aren’t even Facebook-worthy, let alone something that could appear on a Pinterest feed.

In my defence the pumpkins were based on drawings by Boo, but still…

Not because I was then up at the crack of dawn decorating the living room (out of Mum-guilt for having to work).

Not because Boo and Noodles spent the entire morning and a good part of the afternoon zombie-ing out to Halloween DVDs. (Age-appropriate, I hasten to add. I’ll save Friday 13th for another year!)

Not because of Boo’s costume: too cute.


Nor because of Noodles’, apart from just how little effort went into it. (But the kid hates dressing, let alone dressing up and refuses to have his face cleaned, so there was no way I was going to tackle him with face paints. And if you think I should have given him a sythe, you’ve got to be kidding! Thus his Death was rather rudimentary to say the least.)


The scariest part wasn’t even the queue to take part in the town Trick or Treat trail. (We don’t do Halloween, but people will turn up in their droves for anything that’s free.)


Nor the discovering of something green and furry lurking in what was some spaghetti bolognese in the fridge.


No, the scariest part was to do with Teflon Man.

‘I’ve been looking at Disneyland Paris for spring 2016. It looks like we could get a deal for around £1,100 AND get two extra nights for free. Eurostar would be extra on top – another £500, I reckon. But I think that’s a go-er.’

Hey what now?! A) He’s happy to spend money. On something for the family. Without cutting corners. And B) He actively wants to go back to Disney and for a marathon session.

Clearly someone’s replaced him with a doppelgänger, which is a worry. But I think I like his replacement. Can I keep him?


5 thoughts on “The Scariest Part of Halloween”

  1. Most excellent news! However, I think we should try and push this just a bit further….on a very sneaky level of course…..surreptitiously please have a quick look and see the dates for the World Cup 2016…….you could book and plan this trip at same time thereby avoiding for yourself that week of HELL while he goes off with the boys to play……

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