Sunday Morning Bed-Hopping

No, not that sort of bed-hopping, you filthy-minded beast, you. Just the things the Gluestick family will do for some undisturbed sleep.

Now Noodles doesn’t like to sleep alone. Usually this means I end up on the ridiculously thin and unrelentingly under-padded futon in Boo’s room. Still, it’s preferable to the landing walk of the nocturnal dead, back and forth from Noodles room to mine.

But last night Teflon Man was going to be back late, Boo had fallen asleep before Noodles and I was damned if was going to choose that god-awful futon. So Noodles slept in with me. I couldn’t keep my eyes open until the end of Footloose (how young they all looked; how old I felt! How very badly they danced!!! But it had to be watched.) Teflon Man came back to both Noodles and I snoring and unrousable (otherwise he would have woken me to get me to pluck Noodles from the bed and thus from his sleep and I would have been back on the futon).

According to him, he lasted approximately 30 seconds in a 3-in-the-bed situation before the little one made him roll over, roll over, with a flailing arm. Well done, Noodles! Thus he slept on the futon and I got to sleep in the bed. Bwahahahahaha. Although he still managed to get the lie-in. He always manages to get the lie-in.

But he and Noodles weren’t the only ones with displaced snoozing this morning. With both children fed and watered I went upstairs to shower, but instead had a Baby Bear moment: someone had been sleeping in my bed and they were still there!

I’m not quite sure why Eve and Teddy had decided to have a nap in my bed, but how could I possibly disturb them? Not when I could take a cute picture and post it on the web instead!

It looks like I’ll be back on the futon again tonight. I’m sure I’m getting far too old for such a game and my back’s going to start its vendetta against such actions soon. But otherwise I’m caught between not so much a rock as the clock and a hard place. But at least I got one good night’s sleep in this weekend, and at least the displaced can spice up their weekend tales with hints of possible hedonism with their bed-hopping (even if the truth is much more mundane).


9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bed-Hopping”

  1. We have revolving beds around here. The kids want to be near me (my 12 yr old is going on 20 until it’s time to go to sleep downstairs) and my husband and I sometimes sleep better apart… anyway it works for us 🙂 I stay in my own bed and sleep well now so that’s all that matters, right?

  2. Oh, musical beds. Hate it. It’s been a long time since that game’s been forced on me by small non-sleepers. Now it’s due to a kicking, limb-tossing, sleep-talking husband with a noisy CPAP mask. Have to admit, sleeping is a joy now that he’s on the road at least five days out of seven!

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