Want to know what makes Noodles shriek with glee? Watching the garden being set alight with fireworks, apparently.


The Disney Dreams fireworks spectacular that had everyone entranced and breathless left him a bit ‘meh’. But with the pyrotechnics up close and dodgy and he was in his element.

Now, personally, I’m a wuss when it comes to backyard fireworks. Put it down to my delicate sensibilities and having a teacher whose hand was mangled by a fireworks prank when she was a child. I’d rather watch from a very great distance with professionals in charge of the matches or behind very thick glass.

Boo has a very similar perspective to me.


Thus Noodles enthusiasm for ‘Fire! Fire!’ made me shudder. To be honest I was glad when the whole thing was over.

Meanwhile Noodles had a tantrum. ‘Fire! Fire!’ eventually calming down ‘Bye bye, Fire. See you soon.’

I think I’d better go and hide the matches.


10 thoughts on “Firestarter”

    1. That’s very true. I think boys dont have the same worst-case-scenario that I very definitely have. Seeing his reaction made the whole thing fun though. I wish i could figure how to post video because it was funny.

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