And So This Is Christmas?

Forgive me if I’m wrong here, but I thought it was November. When I look at my calendar it’s November. My phone says it’s November. Even Suri and Google agree that it’s November.



So why is it that every time I walk down the high street or turn on the TV you’d think it was mid-December and Christmas is just around the corner?


I’ve not even looked at Facebook or Pinterest because I know I’ll be swamped with people who’ve put their decorations up the second the bonfire burnt out last week or who’ve posted pictures of their kids dressed as elves and of image after image of Christmas perfection that would put the combined efforts of Harrods and Liberty’s to shame.


And don’t get me wrong, I’m no Scrooge. I LOVE Christmas. But I think it feels more special if it’s kept to just Christmas, rather than encroaching into autumn with all its tinselly glory.

I don’t mind a degree of Christmas. The magazines hitting the shelves with ideas that make you think ‘oooh, I’ll definitely do that’…until you realise the expense of it all so stick with things as they are and have always been.

I get excited by the arrival of M&S Turkey Feast sandwiches.

So many calories, but at least some of the profits go to charity, so it’s ok (in my mind) to trough them at will.

I don’t mind the early preparation of Christmas lists and the purchase of presents. And I genuinely got excited last week when I bought this stocking for Noodles:

So, if shop’s want to send out their Christmas catalogues and fill their shelves with sparkly things that’s fine.

But keep the window displays on hold and the lights switched off until the end of November/start of December. We know Christmas is coming. But starting the hype early only creates panic, which then gives way to apathy once you realise it’s not imminent…which then becomes panic again because then suddenly Christmas is here, but you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security.

Let’s save the Christmas ads until December too. We know what you sell and as shoppers we’re pretty loyal. Even if the Waitrose ad is classy and the Aldi ad features Jools Holland I’ll still do my shopping in Sainsbury’s.

Monty the Penguin is super-cute for John Lewis this year, but I’ll be sick of the sight of him by Christmas Eve.

And it’s definitely too early for Coke’s Holidays Are Coming ad! It should be illegal to show it before mid-December as it just screams CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!


And much as the reindeer on the McDonalds coffee cup is cute…

…and ho ho ho, isn’t it festive to have Cupid and Rudolph on the named bottles of Coke…

…I’d just rather it wasn’t all out there just yet.

Let’s keep things in perspective: Christmas is great, but it’s still just a few days. And the magic feels all the more magical when it is fleeting.

So let us plan and prepare, but let’s not have our faces rubbed in it. Because it’s a long time to sustain the excitement for. Let’s keep it on the down low and bring out all the bells and sparkle when it’s truly time.

Although, sadly there’s not much chance of that happening. Not when those in charge are deafened by the sound of Christmas songs and blinded by pound signs.

Bah, humbug!


8 thoughts on “And So This Is Christmas?”

  1. Hear, hear! It is VERY November, and I’m sticking with it. I love that we have Thanksgiving in November so I have a truly autumnal holiday to concentrate on – as long as I can put blinders on to avoid seeing the Christmas displays any time I go into any shop. Hooray for orange and red leaves, pumpkins, and turkeys!

  2. When we were kids, our tradition was that you couldn’t even look at the Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving had passed. And usually I am right there with you in the scrooging, buuuuutttt…. I don’t know, it all goes so fast now that I’m old! I might be up for celebrating sooner… in like a week…I’ve lost all my principles, apparently 😉

    1. Just wait til you have to sustain a daily ‘how many sleeps til Christmas?’ from the very first appearance of festive-related advertising! Then you’ll wish it was all pushed back a bit. My mental arithmatic isn’t good enough to calculate from late September!

  3. yes…Christmas craft supplies came out in summer – which I can understand. but Christmas stuff went up in stores the day after Halloween…and we still have Thanksgiving to get through. plus it’s still 75 degrees weather here 😉

    1. Exactly! There’s nothing wrong with foresight and planning and what-not…but I just wish they’d give us a break before launching us full-on into Christmas.
      And then it’s disappointing when on Christmas Eve all the shops take down their decorations to get ready for Boxing Day sales. Consumerism just makes me sad sometimes.

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