The Santa Clause

Boo: Y’know, when it comes to Christmas presents, I think lots of presents are better than just one.

Me: Oh, why’s that?

(Thinking it’ll be because it takes longer to open them or something.)

Boo: Well, if you only ask for one big thing but then Santa thinks you’ve been naughty then you don’t get anything, even if you’ve only been naughty a little bit. But if you’re a little bit naughty but you’ve asked for lots of little things, then you’ll only lose one thing per naughty thing, so you’ll still get lots of things and you probably won’t notice what’s missing.

Guess whose asked for lots of little things this year?

She does have a point though.



6 thoughts on “The Santa Clause”

  1. Like that philosophy…think I may have to adopt it for myself……wonder if I make a bigger list perhaps I might actually end up with one or two things by Christmas. Yep, that girl has great ideas.

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