A Mum’s Christmas Carol

Couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Bloomin’ Christmas.
(I love it too really. Almost as much as I love lovelifeanddirtydishes’ blog.)



To the tune of Away In A Manger if you want to have a little sing along to get you in the festive spirit!

Oh  Dear Father Christmas

There’s no sleep to be had,

The baby is teething,

And the kids have gone mad

From all the excitement

For this one day a year,

I’m bribing good behavior

With the naughty list fear.

There’s shopping to be done

And the presents to wrap,

But I’ve got a sniffle and

There’s no time to feel crap.

I’m having a nightmare

Finding an Elsa doll,

Please tell me you make them

In that there North Pole.

There’s no elves on my shelves

Because I ran out of time

Making school play costumes,

Oh please bring me some wine.

I still need to find room

For the Christmas tree,

And plan for the children

To come sit on your knee.

The house needs…

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