What I Actually Wrote…

Thank you to everyone who offered me sound, rational advice after my post last night. Thank you for making me a) laugh and b) see the light of the situation.

So I texted her back this morning and said:

Hopefully we can catch up over the holidays. I can’t believe how quickly they’ve come around! Plus I’ll see you at the party? Xx


She’s not replied.

Oh well. Maybe, as jennyrecorder suggested, I need to find myself some friendship secateurs.



3 thoughts on “What I Actually Wrote…”

  1. Well done! I have to admit, rather sheepishly, that I’ve done a lot of friendship cutting over the years. Generally it’s in the interest of my own mental health – I do NOT need certain crazy-makers in my life. I always feel a bit ruthless, when it’s someone I’ve really been close to. But people like this gal you’re dealing with? I could let her go without a second thought!

    1. Often it’s just a case of no-hard-feeling drifting. Circumstances change and that’s fine. It’s when it’s more of a realisation that the friendship has always been lop-sided and is an emotional drain that it’s harder. When you realise you’ve always done the running and decide to stop. It does feel a bit ruthless…but it’s better than harbouring feelings of rage at the imbalance. Better to cull than to be driven insane by the demands of egocentrism!

  2. I just went back and read your previous post. While I loved what you had to say, I agree that it’s not worth it to try to tell her all this. The thing about annoying people is that they will never, ever get it. They’ll just get angry and defensive and then you’ve made an enemy.
    She sounds annoying to me and I’d let the friendship go, or just see her once in a while and be polite without being too friendly. Taking the high road is always good, although it’s a good use of your blog to get it all out without actually sending it to someone. Unless of course they know about your blog…
    I don’t wish people happy birthday on Facebook either, and i don’t have my birthday listed. It’s totally vacuous and also seems like a bit of a popularity contest- “look at me! I have a million people telling me Happy Birthday!” Silly.

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