Box of Delights

A box arrived in the post addressed to me. (Home delivery has to be THE best thing about internet shopping the; receipt of packages makes it feel like a present, even if you’ve paid for it yourself, know what’s in it and the contents are actually for someone else.)


It was a larger box than I was expecting though. Noodles’ party supplies must have arrived. Yay!

But…the label said ‘Graham and Green’.


Not party supplies then. I had placed an order with them though, but not for anything to warrant such a massive box. I was expecting three snow globes and a pair of angel wings trinket dish.

There was surely only one explanation: I must have received someone else’s goods! Someone else with more money than me who can afford the bigger ticket items from Graham and Green!!!

Maybe, in an act of cosmic ordering actualisation, it was a Beatrice chandelier…


…or a beaded mirror…

(Even a small one would be gratefully appreciated and would look beautiful in the smallest loo.)

…or pair of large angel wings, all of which I’ve always coveted.


Maybe, like when Amazon cocked up a lot ad of Black Friday orders (including HD TVs) they’d just let me keep it to save the hassle of exchanging it all. YAAAAAAY!!!

I ripped off the sellotape, pulled back the flaps and…

…was greeted by an abundance of protective packaging.

29 cell-o inflated pillows and three bundles wrapped in bubble wrap, to be precise.

And in those three bundles?

Three snow globes and a pair of angel wing trinket dishes:


Maybe, you’re now thinking, they’re exceptionally large snow globes/angel wing trinket dishes.

Well, no.


I think that might be called packaging overkill.


13 thoughts on “Box of Delights”

  1. I think someone in the packaging department has gotten ticked off one too many times for broken merchandise.

    YES YES YES to the excitement of getting a package in the mail, even if it’s something I ordered myself. For that matter, even if it’s not for me! Actually, there was a large package on our doorstep when I got home yesterday. Don’t know who ordered it, but it’s from IKEA, so it has to be something interesting…Christmas secrets abound!

  2. First of all — LOVE how you presented this with suspenseful photos. Second of all, what a creative way to pass on your list– now we all know what to get you for your next birthday! Lastly, don’t be such a spoil sport. ;-). It was “packed with love” and obviously a sense of adventure. Remember those party games where you open a large box, pass it on to the next person who opens the box within that, and pass it again, and so on and so on until the person who opens the last and smallest box gets to keep the present? What ?? You never played? I think you just did . . . with Graham and Green!!

    1. Yay! I just won pass the parcel! How kind of Graham and Green.
      If they’d be willing to give me a chandelier for my next birthday (it is a biggie after all) then they’d be more than welcome to partake in further party games too.

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