A Christmas Wish


A letter to Santa from Boo:


I’ll translate:

‘Dear St Nicholas,

Please can my gift to Mrs Hothersall [her headteacher] for her to be shocked and smiling at our Christmas Nativity at the church. And to all the other teachers there.

From [Boo]’

What a sweetheart!

(Personally, I wish the school would teach proper spelling, but hey ho.)

But let’s hope we’re all ‘shocked and smiling’ later this morning.

Unfortunately social media and child protection means we can’t take photos. So, instead I shall have to settle for this one of my little angel in her reception year:


Oh, and if you think that’s very altruistic of her, don’t worry – we have received a more mercenary list too. We like to refer to it as ‘Boo’s Clues’…

EDIT: It did have us smiling…and blubbing. What is it about the combination of tinsel and tea towels that reduces me to tears?

And, thankfully, this year, I didn’t have Noodles doing his best Omen impression, melting down in a temper tantrum from Hell the second he crossed the threshold to the church…like last year! (Seriously, I was checking for 666 on him after that one.) No, instead, he loudly declared ‘I enjoyed that!’ as we left. Phew.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish”

  1. Oh my gosh, the photo of Boo as a tiny one is SO adorable. Gave me a big smile to start my day. 🙂

    I had years of never knowing whether a certain one of our three would turn into devil-child in a public gathering beore I could get her out of the room. It happened more times than I could count. I truly sympathize, and rejoice with you that it DIDN’T happen this year!

    1. The photo is so adoarble it’s pinned to my fridge year round and always makes me smile.
      And the relief that Noodles didnt lose it this year was palpable. Not just for me, but for the other parents too. Nothing quite spoils a nativity like an antichrist toddler.

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